MrZoot loves his Miss Zoot

Well – MrZ finally got my anniversary present yesterday (it’s a bit late, but he was at the mercy of the artist)…how cool is it? Click it to see it HUGE and gawk at all of the rockin’ detail.

MrZ took her pictures and told her what all to include. He told her to include my BLOG people. How cool is he? He knew it was that important that it deserved to be part of this picture. It also included the note he proposed to me with and ALL of our animals. And the TiVo. AND a map. AND my favorite tatoo. Love. It.

But do you see what else he did for me? He set up our TiVo so it could download the lates program schedule over our wireless internet! How awesome? So – we don’t have to live without TiVo until our phone gets turned on (Nov 24th). This also means that whoever “accidently” turned it off gets to LIVE. I wont hunt them down and make them pay for me losing TiVo for over a week! Yippee!

I’ve got the day off…gonna to catch up on some blogs…and go eat lunch at school with LilZ. TGIF.

28 thoughts on “MrZoot loves his Miss Zoot”

  1. What a wonderful gift he gave you!! Now that shows true love, and a man who truly knows and respects his wife, you’re lucky πŸ™‚

  2. That is so awesome!!! Way to go, Mr. Zoot! Just another reason women on the internet everywhere love him so. πŸ™‚

  3. He So totally loves you!!! All I asked for was gingerbread cookies….I got nothing…

  4. And you’re wearing pink shoes! You can’t have a crappy days in pink shoes!

    Unless one is untied.

    Oops, nevermind.


    I LOVE that picture! It’s so thoughtful! I’m soo jealous of that! ANd look at the boobs she gave you! WHOOHOO!

  6. huntsville city schools friday lunch. if i remember correctly, it was always rectangular cheese pizza, corn & salad w/some wierd tasting ranch dressing. anything changed?

    also, they wireless hook up for the tivo. is that something anyone can do or is it some sort of hack. karen really wants tivo, but our family room is half underground & practically impossible to get a phone line in there. if this wireless thing can be done by anyone renting a box from comcast, i think i have found a surprise christmas present.

  7. hey, does mr. zoot work for the army corps of engineers? the poster in the drawing has something that looks like their logo. i used to be friends w/a guy whose dad was a big wig there.

  8. What a great gift! I love it!!! But I definitely have to ask about LilZ’s pants and socks…. Is he Dutch? Or are they supposed to be sports pants πŸ˜‰ Either way, totally cute!
    And I love how she included all the pets!!!

  9. Girl, that couldn’t be any more amazing……and neither could he. Oh, and tell LilZ to wear those pants next time he comes to visit, please.

  10. WHat a sweetie you have, and I agree with the boobs comment, great chest!!! Can I have that lady’s number? I need some great boobs.

  11. Great present!!! I was wondering about LilZ’s pants too. And also? Why do both you and LilZ have one shoelace untied? Is that typical for the two of you?

  12. OMG, I just got it…when you said “he included my blog people”, you meant to have a comma between blog & people. ROFLMAO! I’ve been looking and looking for “blog people”. D’oh!

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