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Thank you GOD! – Its FRIDAY!

I am so glad it’s Friday. This week has be so freakin’ long! I think I’m just going to curl up in bed with my new lovah’ all weekend. (Yes, I’m talking about my new laptop, shut it.)

Also – I forgot to tell you guys. LilZ’s girlfriend, SuzyQ, is moving. He is pretty sad. He even gave her a LIVESTRONG bracelet. He really likes her. She’s moving during Christmas break – so prepare for a few “LilZ misses his girlfriend” entries around January. Poor guy.

But hey – the biggest parenting hurdle of the week? Not my son’s depression over losing his girlfriend. Nope. It was answering the question, “Mom, what’s a douch-bag?”

Save me.

My new lovely T-shirt which I totally forgot to order for myself before it “expired” but was pleased to find in my mailbox this week. Thanks, Oliquig.

Update from 2020: We are currently trying to vote Donald Trump out of office so being reminded that I bought a shirt for his show The Apprentice was a little upsetting.

12 thoughts on “Thank you GOD! – Its FRIDAY!”

  1. Just be thankful your son actually asks you what a douchebag is instead of trying to find out through other, less reliable or accurate sources.
    I once made the mistake of asking my mother what it meant to ‘blow goats’ and had to find out everything after that elsewhere. 😉

  2. “I’ll take douchebags for $200.oo Alex” What did you say? When my kids were smaller and asked any questions like that, Laura always headed for the vacuum cleaner. Chickensh*t!

  3. I’m agreeing w/ Jon! HOT MAMA! I am lovin the shirt… I missed everything but Survivor last night (thanks to my internet test).

    Anywho, question for RockStar Mommy. What DOES it mean to “blow goats”? Yes, I am naive and now VERY curious.

  4. Oh cuddle with that new laptop!! Lay on the love . .. and L’il Zoot’s question reminded me of how I found out about sex in the first place. I had been watching All My Children and went into the living room and asked my mom what an abortion was cause Erika Kane was getting an abortion and I wondered if I wanted one, too. Ahh parenthood . .

  5. Dying to hear how you answered the question and yes I too would like to know the answer to what it means to “blow goats”.

    Love the tee shirt – maybe Carolyn can answer these ever pressing questions in the future.

  6. Oh my, oh my…it’s great that LilZ will ask you for that info….I’m not sure what I would say…When I was a nanny the little girl told me I could have an affair with her daddy, when they were trying to find me a boyfriend. Ah, the wisdom of a seven year old!


  7. For me, Friday is Monday this week. Don’t ask.

    I LOVE the shirt! You are so lucky to have people who buy those things for you. I forgot to buy the “My ox is broken one” and I really meant to. And now I’m kicking myself for it, because it is the best ever.

  8. I’m so sad for LilZoot that SuzyQ is moving. Why the change? When I was his age my “boyfriend” moved, and I was HEARTBROKEN.

    Oh, and I got over it like, two days later.

  9. Awesome t-shirt. I am anxiously awaiting my Broken Ox one next month.

    You know what? Forget co-pilot. Carolyn for President!

  10. I once had a student who called another student a douchebag in class. I asked him what a douchebag was and he had no idea! I made him bring me back a written report on douchebags the next day.

    His mom called me the next morning and said, “my son came home with the most unusual assignment…”

  11. I’ll give you guys the same (and obviously wrong) answer my Mom gave me and let you find out on your own like I had to:

    “Blowing goats means burping”

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