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Check Me Out

Guess where I am? At Atlanta Bread eating an Everything Bagel (onion breath anyone?) and drinking a diet coke. It’s like Nirvana. For $2.03.

Actually – the funny thing is that I feel incredibly grown-up right now. I’m here surrounded by business people feeling all professional and techy, and kinda giggling on the inside because I’m just posting pictures of my brothers dog on the internet while IM-ing Stace.

Meet Sadie. Expect me to post an entry soon about how she ate my brother in his sleep to punish him for dressing her like this. And as I critique him, please ignore the fact that I dressed my dog up too.

Update from 2020 – I can not find whatever picture I was talking about here but this is a picture around that time of my brother’s great dog Sadie who passed away a few years ago and so these pictures kinda make me sad. That dog was one of the best dogs that ever existed. Seriously. 

6 thoughts on “Check Me Out”

  1. Me and Deb went trick or treating last night to my next door neighbor’s house just to see if we could get away with it – WE DID!!! I scored glow in the dark skittles and peanut M & Ms and Deb got glow in the dark skittles and a crunch bar!!!!!….They didnt even know it was us ….ssshhhhhh!!! LOL

  2. Dont’ feel too giggly, Zoot. What do you think all those people are doing on their laptops anyway? Why their reading what you are posting on your blog, ofcourse!

    Hey, that’s a funny thought. They read your blog and then look around to see if they can spot you there. Wierd.

    I remember seeing on someone else’s blog, a comment where someone said “I saw you at the Blah-Blah concert last night and I almost reached out and touched your should but you turned the corner too quick and went into the bathroom”. Seriously creeoy, eh?

    Uh, what we we talking about again?

  3. You are making me ever more jealous with the posting in various places about town.

    I’m going to be living vicariously through you until I get a laptop!

  4. That poor dog and your poor dog. People they are animals…Oh who am I kidding. I would have my dog in a costume in a NY minute if I didn’t think she would beat me up and rip it off!

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