It’s NOT like Apples and Oranges

In the excitement of the new site and my anniversary – I forgot to post the pictures from the Tailgate Party on Saturday.

As you can see by all of the Red- there were a LOT of ‘Bama fans there. Maybe even, ALL ‘Bama fans? Yep. It was sponsored by the University of Alabama Alumni Association – so I knew I’d be outnumbered. However – there are a LOT of Tennessee Vol fans in Huntsville – so I thought I’d have a few comrades.


MrZ, escorting the lone Tennessee Fan heard such lines as You gonna’ make her ride in the TRUNK home? OR You need to buy her some new clothes.

Luckily – once the game started there were about ten of us Tennessee Fans and we all sat together. It was a fun time – but I was very glad I was never able to find that orange wig I wanted.

6 thoughts on “It’s NOT like Apples and Oranges”

  1. Glad to hear the year old cake was okay, and probably a GOOD thing that Mr. Z DIDN’T make you walk home. I think I kinda would have liked the wig..

  2. Ok, Z – be honest. A few posts back you said one of your biggest challenges was “Weight”. Well, looking at your picture right there, plus others I’ve seen you post – you’re kidding, right???


  3. OK, first, there are no tailgates, so how is that a tailgate party?!

    And, second, I LOVE that you were the only Vols fan there. It makes me laugh to see you in that BRIGHT ORANGE shirt with all of those Bama fans. Awesome!

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