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Zoot Art

We were sitting around one night this weekend and LilZoot was doing “Zoot Art” with pennies on the table. Pretty cool, huh?

He was writing things on the marker board too – but after I took the pictures – I told him I didnt think the orange would be visible because I could barely see it on the little camera screen. Turns out? I was wrong and you can see it pretty well.

This was a funny one he did. However, for those of you unfamiliar with LilZoots writings, let me point out a few things.

1)That last word there? The one that you initially think is a misspelling of Diary? Is not. It is actually DIARRHEA. Yes. He is writing poetry about me having Poopy Problems. It’s beautiful, it is.

2)Even with incorporating DIARRHEA into is creative writing, he still managed to spell out M-I-S-S with the first letters of ever line. I didnt even notice that until this morning.

He’ll be your next Poet Laureate. Just watch.

11 thoughts on “Zoot Art”

  1. I love how our children always have a way w/ potty humor!

    We’ve taught them so well! They makea me proud…

  2. I died laughing! He is adorable. He has everything going for him, he’s cute, he’s creative, he has potty humor? Perfect guy in my book!!!!

  3. There once was a family of Zooties;
    Who couldn’t stop talking of poopies;
    Their tales they did write;
    On the internet, all right;
    And now have devoted poop groupies.

  4. Shiz, that poem is great! ROFL.

    LilZ is such the perfect little man. So endearing. So cute. Si friggin’ talented.

    And must I say that I knew that was diarrhea! Oh goodness, should I be scared?

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