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The Awesome Day – Revisited

We went to Tate Farms in Meridianville, Alabama yesterday. It’s the most rockin’ farm in the world! Here are pictures from our trip and all the cool stuff they had there. Who knew farms could be such sources of entertainment?

First stop? The hay bale maze. We wandered around aimlessly in that thing for awhile until I heard a little girl scream “I found the way out! I found the way out!” and I started following the herd of people following her. We are such cheaters.

Next? We got to play in the cotton bin and corn cribs. The cotton was so weird to play in and the corn cribs were LilZ’s favorite.

We went over the play with some of the stinky animals and that was MY favorite part. What is it about goats that I love so much? I dont know. The pigs were adorable too, but they were in desperate need of some moisturizer. I also said, “That’ll do, Pig.” at least nineteen times while we were there. I’m THAT funny.

Next was the hayride out to the pumpkin patch. I never realized how weird a pumpkin patch would look upclose. They grow on vines, but it just looks like the field is covered in them…very cool.

LilZoot found the pumpkin he liked, and MrZ carried it for us. That thing weighed 21lbs! It was huge. Look at MrZ and his big muscles carrying that thing around (that was to make up for posting the picture of him being a girl pumpkin). And best of all Me and PapaZoot!

28 thoughts on “The Awesome Day – Revisited”

  1. It’s from “Babe”, MrZ…don’t feel so bad. 🙂

    And most importantly…were there llamas at the farm???

  2. Next weekend I’m going with my mommy to a farm to pick pumpkins and cool stuff like you! Your post is making me anxious for next week. I haven’t seen my mom since April. *Squeee!!!*

  3. As always, awesome shots! Don’t you love mazes? I walked a corn maze last year with a couple friends. You had to find 10 egyptian gods AND find your way out to win a free pumpkin…and we did it, amazingly enough (no thanks to me, I’m clueless when it comes to directions).

  4. I’m so glad you identified PapaZoot in the last picture. Because I forgot he was coming to visit? And I was all like “Who’s the guy holding LilZ’s hand? That’s kinda odd.”

  5. Aww! Looks like yall had a blast. Here in SC we have a maze made out of a corn field. I am way too clausterphobic for that nonsense. Glad you had a good day!

  6. Aww how cute is papa zoot…..A and I are off to apple pick today and your photos reminded me to take my camera…..Hope the res of your weekend is as great!

  7. That looks like so much fun! I am glad that you all are having fun w/PapaZoot!

    I want to go pick out a pumpkin like that! It’s like finding the perfect Xmas tree!

  8. somebody’s going to have to explain “That’ll do pig” to me… i don’t think i get it.

  9. Wow, great pictures. I feel the same way about animals. We went to get our Mums, pumkins, corn stalks, and hay. I managed to find the pen with the baby goats in it. HOW CUTE they are. That was it for me though….I wanted to stay with them becuase I just LOVE them. Deb, as usual wouldnt let me take them home….she’s weird like that.

  10. Um, I keep imagining that you are saying “That’ll do pig” like Shrek says “That’ll do donkey”. Am I right? Cuz if I am? Scary.

    I know – too many kid movies!

  11. oh, Zoot! Your daddy is so cute, in that daddy sort of way. This looks like a very fun day, but all those baby pigs makes me think of Charlotte’s Web.

  12. How very cool to see three generations of Zoots having fun in hay, corn, cotton and pumpkins. It’s like you’re real live country folk.

  13. I am so jealous of your awesome day– that looks like so much fun!! That’ll do, Zoot. (you are that funny)

  14. Those are some great pictures, Zoot, specially the ones of you and Papa Zoot!

    I was in a corn maze that was cut through a corn field at my friends uncles farm, and me and my big brother got lost, so he told me to eat us a path through it, but I wasn’t hungry. About two hours later we was found when we yelled for help, but it was a big wild pig from the woods, so we ran for our lives and found the exit!

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