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Thank GOD it’s Friday! Whee!
Stupid Lady. Today’s Wednesday. Get a grip.
Today is TOO Friday.
You were calling yesterday Monday, and it was actually Tuesday Now, you are calling today Friday, and it’s actually Wednesday. You have issues.
It is Friday for me because I’ve got the rest of the week off. HA!
I hate you.

Seriously. LilZoot is on Fall Break this week and has spent the first half of it with his Dad. He comes home tonight and I’m taking the rest of the week off to spend time with him. But our Vacation wouldnt be complete without a special guest star, now would it? Who is the guest star this week?

My Dad! applaud now, please

Papa Zoot is coming in town tonight after he gets off work. He’s making the paternal rounds, as he visited my brother in Kansas City last week. Xhibit took Dad with him to do all the athletic crap he likes to do: Triathalons, biking, running etc. Dad told him that visiting him is like going to Fat Camp – which cracked me up! Of course, visiting me is like going to Make-You-Fat Camp, because we are lazy and eat a lot. He should have reversed the order of visits.

So – I put a london broil in the crock pot this morning and the sheets are being washed. I can’t wait for the visit and I hope my dogs are on their best behavior and don’t smell too much like they’ve been eating cat poop.

Same goes for MrZ.

12 thoughts on “TGIF!”

  1. HOoray for LOOOONG WEEKENDS!!!

    Today is KINDA like friday to me, because I have to do a bake sale tomorrow and then I have Friday AND Monday off!!! YAY!

    have fun with your Dad!

  2. Hmmm didn’t know about Mr. Z and the cat poop. Anywho…welcome Pappa Zoot!
    Zoot…LB in the crock pot? recipe please!

  3. Excellent for you, Zoot! And excellent for me that I got to give LilZ loads of love last night…of which I couldn’t seem to get enough of! I send him back to you all caught up on his love…even from you b/c some of the lovin’ was yours, I told him. πŸ™‚

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