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I think I mentioned that my first wedding was your typical white dress/veil/string quartet/church/(pregnant bride – hehe) type wedding. I didnt plan any of it – I just showed up, wore the dress, and did what I was supposed to do. And tried NOT to smack the photographer when she kept trying to tell me to “suck it in” during pictures. None of that wedding said “Zoot”. It was beautifully put together, and everyone had a great time, but it wasnt really me.

(for those of you keeping score? That wedding happened 10 years ago yesterday. weird.)

Anywho – I wanted my wedding with MrZ to be one that screamed out The Zoots! at every turn. I covered everything I could with butterflies, I wore a dress that showed off my tatoos (not cover them), I did the Hokey Pokey, and several other things that made the wedding very unique to us.

But one of my favorite touches? Were my hot-pink butterfly shoes! Aren’t they the most ROCKIN’ shoes you’ve ever seen? I love them so. My matron of honor, IrishChic, has a matching pair. When I saw her wearing them? I thought “Those shoes were designed for no other reason but to be worn in my wedding. I need a pair.” MrZ and I went the next day and bought them.

For nine dollars.

Nothing makes the perfect shoe better than a sale that prices that shoe for under ten dollars.

Note from 2020: I can’t find the stupid photo! It existed on the old platform but it doesn’t exist here. Here is a random wedding dress photo instead

17 thoughts on “Zoot-Style”

  1. Loave the wedding stories. AND THE SHOES! They’re grand. I hope to eventually do my wedding just the way I want, and it’s going to be what weddings were intended to be : a big ass party ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I hardly remember my wedding. I remember almost getting killed before it and I remember having to stay after the reception and help clean up. I remember the Super 8 Motel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. That is exactly how I want my wedding to be – give or take the hokey pokey (I don’t plan to have a reception int eh traditional sense. Maybe just a dinner). But the shoes? There are no proper words. I covet them. They are SO ZOOT!! Be proud!!!

  4. yes! Those shoes are gorgeous and fun! Zoot, you give me hope that I can have a fun and funky wedding, I’m taking notes from you…

  5. Zoot shoes! I love them and I love that you did not hide the tattoos! Shoes for $10.00 or less rock I got a pair of flat sandals this summer with a daisy on the toe and wore them every day! Rock the zoot-ness.

  6. I love those shoes! And I’m such a believer in doing your wedding your way. That’s what we did, and we loved our wedding too. It just makes it more special and personal.

  7. Yes, they are very Zootified. And for nine dollars? hell, I’d have to wear them just because they were NINE dollars!
    I made my wedding dress for $57.00 { sorry, I brag about that everywhere I go! ๐Ÿ˜› }

  8. $9!?

    What a steal!

    I love them.

    And I cannot believe someone told you to “suck it in.” You should have punched her.

  9. Heh, those definitely give my wedding shoes a run for their money. I wore silver flip-flops that I too paid less than $10 for. Though now that I think about it, mine were in Canadian money so I score points on price; but yours don’t have that bit between the toe so you may have scored points on comfort.

  10. OMGoodness. I LOVE them. I want them! Where can I buy them? And for $9?? NINE DOLLARS!! Such a steal. That is so not fair. But great news for you.

    And that’s how it should be – a wedding tailored towards you and your style.

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