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LilZoot – The Man of the Hour

LilZoot had quite a bit of responsibility the day I got married. He had to escort Ariel and Leah down the aisle during the bridal party procession, and he had to circle back around to come escort me down the aisle. Since my brain turned to mush about 30 minutes before the wedding (Seriously mush. But that’s a story I’ll save for another day.), he had to remember to do that himself. So when I saw him back out next to me before my song played, I thought “Wow. He remembered. I would have forgotten.” And then? My music started and I panicked and entered the wedding hall withOUT my Dad and Son. No only did I entire WITHOUT them, but I TRIPPED on the way in.

Yes. I tripped on the way into my wedding. It was Zoot-perfect.

I paused, gathered my composure, and waited for my Dad and Son to catch up with me. And the laughed the rest of the way down the aisle.

Luckily all of that happened behind standing guests, so MrZ didnt even see. hehe.

8 thoughts on “LilZoot – The Man of the Hour”

  1. HE IS SO ADORABLE! (And of course you’re beautiful).

    Dad looks very spiffy, too.

    And you may have tripped, but the outfit remained in tact!

  2. I’m totally surprised that I didn’t trip. I’m glad no one saw you trip! Your little Zoot is such a great kid. It’s very impressive that he remembered. It must be because you raised him so well. He must have been so proud and eager to walk you down the aisle; how could he forget!

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