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Setting the Date

Well, once we were engaged we wasted no time in setting a date. We had no interest in a long engagement, but we needed time to plan a wedding for about 120-150 guests. I looked at the calendar and saw that October 25th would be a good date because it was a weekend LilZoot had with me, and he was out of school the following Monday which would mean that he would only miss four days of school for the FamilyMoon.

I called MrZ to make sure that was a good day for him, and we started with the planning. Never looking back…

Then, a week or so later, my mom calls and says “Guess what I just realized? The 25th is the day your father and I got married…”

Now, keep in mind my parents split over 20 years ago, so it’s not like it was a day we all celebrated, so I never knew when their anniversary was. Some people might have found it unlucky to get married on the same day their divorced parents did, but I thought it made an awesome story, and that’s really all that matters, right?

Fast forward a few weeks when I’ve started trying to reserve places to get married. I was suprised at how open that day seemed to be considering I wasnt even calling six months in advance. Then MrZ called me and said “Do you realize what day we’ve planned our wedding on? How about this for a hint…The third Saturday in October?”

For the non-football fans among you, I’ll explain. The third Saturday in October has traditionally been the day that Tennessee plays Alabama in college football. MrZoot and I, being die-hard fans of opposing teams in that battle, know that day all too well. The second he pointed it out to me I A)Felt incredibly stupid that it hadnt occurred to me yet and B)Realized why I wasnt having trouble booking things on that day. We decided as long as we would be able to have a TV in the reception area, we’d be fine because the wedding ceremony would only last 15 minutes or so.

Yes. When calling to book places for my wedding reception, I actually demanded that there be a TV available so we could watch the game in case it was an evening game. And I was asking just as much for myself as I was for MrZoot. Gotta love SEC brides…

This is me, with a fantastic expression on my face (gotta love that) and MrZ checking out the game at the beginning of the reception. I think our wedding ending towards the end of the fourth quarter, but for you VOL or BAMA fans, you’ll remember that last years TN/Alabama game went on a bit past the fourth quarter.

This picture was taken with one of our personalized disposable cameras. This is one of the last plays of the game. I snuck over to the TV part of the reception and MrZ’s uncle was telling me what was going on. It was Tennessee’s ball on 4th and 19, they were behind, and there was almost no time left on the clock. I decided I didnt want to see my team lose…so I walked away and didnt think about the game at all the rest of the night.


Turns out we won. I didnt even know until the next day! We made that 1st down and scored off the drive! Go Vols!

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  1. I’m loving the wedding story!

    And our wedding was planned around OU football, here. At the time we got married (’97) OU…well, they STUNK. And they were playing Nebraska that day (back when Neb. was still good *snerk*) and we knew it was going to be an unholy blowout. So we figured it was a good day to get married because we weren’t gonna miss anything good!

    And the t.v. thing…well, can’t blame you, there. (Coming from someone who watched the OU game while in labor. Hee.)

  2. My maternal grandparents got married on the 8th of October and they’re coming up on 55 years next week. My parents also got married on the 8th, but they divorced five years ago. I had originally intended to go the same date as them, but now I think I want a Christmas wedding. (Well, December wedding, with pretty Christmas theme)

  3. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate October 25th more than you know, because without it your Dad and I wouldn’t have two wonderful children………That’s a great thing to be able to celebrate for sure….

  4. zootsmom posts too! your site just keeps getting better and better. you ARE a die hard fan for sure. at my wedding it was a regular ole Red Sox game and I told the bartender if he turned it on I would take back all his tips? LOL he later told me that someone had offered him $100 (gotta love my husband’s friends) to turn it on!

  5. I was there; it made for a VERY exciting reception!

    I married on the day of the Alabama/Auburn game – EVERYBODY left early. Parents, siblings, bffs – no one stuck around. Could work to the happy couple’s advantage. Clear everyone out and get started on the honeymoon!

  6. I got married on my parents 30th wedding anniversary on May 30th. My parents were married on my GRANDPARENTS 30th wedding anniversary.

    So I got married on my parents 30th and my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. But we kind of did it on purpose. I mean, we knew we wanted to get married in the summer of 2002, but then we just decided to put it on my parents anniversary, and we were married on a Thursday night. It was great too, everything was so easy to book, and a whole lot cheaper!

  7. That’s one of the best reception stories I’ve heard yet! Definitely different, I’ll tell ya that, but at least the two of you definitely had something in common! So, what are you going to do for Mr. Z on your anniversary?

  8. I got married October 12, 2002 – TX/OU weekend. Seeing that the majority of guests are TX fans, since this is where I live, I still haven’t lived it down.

  9. it only seems right that you married on that day. being such fans as you both are – for opposite teams – coming together.. blah blah 😉

  10. That’s so funny! My cousin did the same thing last year. She got married Oct 13th when the Red Sox and Yankees were playing each other for the World Series spot. Needless to say, dinner wasn’t served until after the game. Red Sox lost and it was a quite dinner, then the band livened things up…

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