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So, every night I lay in bed with LilZ for a bit and we chat with the lights out before we say “Goodnight”. Some nights we talk about SuzyQ, others we giggle over stinky dog poots. Do you want to know what we discussed last night?

His Christmas list. Seriously.

He’s stressed out because he told me he wanted one certain Gamethingy. Unfortunately he decided he no longer wants that one. He was worried I had already gotten it, and that I wouldnt be able to return it.

“Because, you can’t take it back after 30 days, and since Christmas is more than 30 days away, I wanted you to know now that I probably wouldnt play it much so I dont want you to waste your money. Instead? I want a different Gamethingy. One that MrZoot wants too! So it will be like two presents in one!”

He’s so considerate, that Little Zoot. Always thinking about others.

15 thoughts on “It’s SEPTEMBER”

  1. When my brother was LilZ’s age, he happened to mention that the gift he had just opened for his birthday has a companion piece that would make a great Christmas present. Did I mention his birthday is in April?

  2. Because I know you. And because I know that you ARE already xmas shopping I must ask – did you already have the game? I will be surprised if you say no… Unless of course you know that the game is going on sale in a week and you were holding off for that. (I know you are on a first name basis w/ all of the sales assosiates at Target)


  3. Last night at bedtime I think I cancelled Christmas.

    I’m not proud. But I’m not going to relent, either. You do NOT pee on your brother, it just ain’t right.

  4. A considerate child, that’s so cute!!! Not too many out there like that these days… Janet & I were in the mall and I saw one little 10 year old arguing with his mother on why she should buy it for him. I was thinking, “I’d beat him”! Reflects on your mom-skills! 😉

  5. I had an almost identical experience as LilZ’s. Of course, by telling it, it will seriously date me. :^)

    Anyway, I was 17, just had my 1st car (’70 Fairlane 500 w/3 on the tree) since july, but it only had the stock AM radio. Therefore I told me parents that I wanted an AM/FM(Stereo)/8-Track player for my car for Xmas (Yes 8-track, it was ’79).

    I later thought about the fact that there were 3 other kids, and I knew my folks didn’t make a lot of money in the factory, so I told Mom not to worry about the car stereo. To my surprise, I got the stereo! (It was a cheepy, no-name, but it was still a stereo.) Mom said that Dad had found it at a flea market about two weeks before I said not to worry about it. She also told me that it wasn’t very expensive so I shouldn’t feel any worry that more was spent on me than the other kids.

    That was about the coolest one I can remember… up until my family got me a DVD player 3 years ago.

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