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“My Momma BURNED Me”

LilZ’s favorite story to tell starts out with the line:

“One time? My momma burned me.”

See, the story goes like this. LilZoot was about 6mnths old (summer of ’95) and I was driving him to his NaNa’s house who lived right down the road from us. I put him in his car seat and headed out. He was making odd noises on the way there. Not cries, but almost like he was trying to get out of his carseat and was struggling. I thought that odd because he LOVED car rides and never fussed a bit.

Well, we get there and as I get him out of his seat I see one of those water filled teething toys in the seat. I hadnt noticed it when I put him in, but there it was, under his butt. I glanced at the back of his leg and there was a fist sized blister on his leg. That damn toy had gotten so hot it had pratically started boiling and since he was sitting on it – it burned the crap out of his leg.

I threw to toy off the cliff I was so mad.

Of course, being the laid back kid he is, LilZ never fussed a bit. I had to put that silver ointment on it until it healed, but there is still a scar there today. It’s not noticable to anyone else because it’s always hidden behind clothing, but it’s there and LilZ loves to tell how “Momma burned him” and flaming up all sorts of maternal guilt that remains dormant most of the time.

Well, this weekend, while at Stace’s house, he told Stace’s sister-in-law that “My Mom has burned me twice.”


Turns out he is now grouping this story with the other one. I told him that there was a huge difference because the recent one didnt scar him, or even blister him.

“But it hurt, Mom. It really hurt.”

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  1. lol..My kids love the story of when I was a new mom and was carrying Garry cradled in my arm, and took a corner too sharp, never allowing for overhang of his head. ooopps . An egg swelled up on his forehead instantly just like in the cartoons on tv… hey, gotta get a sense of humor about these things…

  2. Summertime, closed windows in a car… You know he’s telling the story to get a reaction out of people, right? One time, my momma BURNED me too. Actually, she burned my hair on a candle during a blackout. As a kid, it’s fun to see people’s reactions when you tell them something like that.

  3. My mother switched me with a switch one time that had some thorns on it that she didn’t know were there, and I had these little cuts and was bleeding. She felt guilty for years, and I didn’t help matters by telling people that my mom and switched me with THORNS. She was so afraid I was going to get taken away by the state or something, that my dad had to do the spankings from then on.

  4. I have a little story like that, that I bring up at every family function…

    For my Mom’s 40th birthday her sisters all got together and planned a surprise party for her. That night, my Dad was hunting, I was at home waiting for my Mom to get home from work so we could go out for dinner or something. She never comes home… Until about 10pm. She walks in the door and I’m sitting there on the sofa. I ask her where she has been and she tells me. I sit there for a minute… Then ask her…. “And you never thought once about where your daughter was?!?!? I was never invited or anything!”

    I can make the whole family feel guilty by bringing that up and its been 15 years!

  5. Should I feel left out that my momma never burned me?

    One time my mom burned herself and there was a whole lotta screamin’ going on.

    Liquid Peanut Brittle.

    In other words: liquid, molten sugar

    She still has the scar. And, I think I can still hear that scream.

  6. I always have loved that story! 🙂 Sweet Ariel has taken to telling anyone who will listen how I owe her lots of money, but I keep saying I can’t give it to her b/c we’re broke. 🙂

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