My Reproductive Nightmare, Thing 1

LilZoot Rocks

We just went and took a bunch of presents to my neighbor who had her baby this weekend. She had Eric on the day I would have been due had I not miscarried, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyway – LilZoot was showing her other two children the presents we got them too (we hate for siblings to be left out) and he was so cute. He was showing Phoebe (18 months) how to take care of the baby doll we got her, and he was showing George (3 yrs) the truck we got him. He is so good with smaller kids, he was born to be a big brother. He has always been very sensitive and compassionate for a boy, but I don’t think I realized how nurturing he could be too. I really wish I could have captured it on video to show you all. It was awesome to watch, and just seemed so natural.

I just want to give him a brother or sister so bad it makes me crazy sometimes.

Well. I guess I’m always crazy…its just these times that I have good reason to be.

14 thoughts on “LilZoot Rocks”

  1. oh honey. Thanks for sharing this with us. You’ve raised such an awesome son, and I have faith that you’ll be able to have another child to raise in the ways of the Zoot. You are an amazing woman, and we’re all rooting for you.

  2. I agree, you have totally made him that way! I know how you feel, I am ready to make mine a big brother too!

  3. LilZoot makes me want to have a boy so badly!!! He’s so lovable – even thru a blog!
    Keep hanging in there, as cliche as that sounds. You and your family are so wonderful, I know that only good things are meant to happen for you. You’ll get there, just don’t give up.

  4. awww it’ll happen! And your perfect little ZootFam will be even more complete. Seriously though, I love reading your family posts. It’s sucha great family and you’re such a great Mom. It’s heartwarming 🙂

  5. How sweet! I had two miscarriages (blighted ovums) and thought I’d never get pregnant. I went back on birth control for awhile to give myself a break and now I have a healthy, happy, chunky 4 1/2 month old! It’ll happen, just try not to think about it (yeah, I know, easier said then done!)

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