Mother Of A Theater Kid, Thing 1, Unpublished


LilZoot’s art camp extravaganza was fabulous. After visiting all of the different classes, his group did a modern dance number for the entire assembly. Coordinating 9yr olds into a dance routine in two weeks? Should be considered a miracle. And the instructor? Should be knighted.

After the dance, LilZ got to do his creative writing reading. He was so nervous. He read about our trip to Las Vegas in 2002. It was very cute. He did great. I read it in his notebook and he likes to use the word ‘Butt’ instead of ‘But’ which makes the 7yrold in me giggle profusely.

So – modern dance, public reading, and paper mache gourds? Does it get any cooler than that?

It could NOT get any cooler.

Unfortunately? The Hawaiian song about the Humuhumukununukuapua (state fish – thank YOU) is going to be playing in MrZ’s head all day long. Which means periodically he’ll start singing it out loud. Which means I’ll constantly have it in my head too.

Of course, because we are big giant rebels, we ditched the free pizza and went and had Firehouse Subs for lunch instead. There are about 15.2 million hot sauces you can choose from. Today? I chose none. I’m experimental like that.

Now I’m back at work for a few hours (Boo!) before driving LilZ to see his Dad (Boo!). Hope everyone has a fantabulous Friday!

12 thoughts on “Humuhumukununukuapua”

  1. I am so in love with Firehouse Subs. When they opened up in my town, I went three times in one weekend. I schemed all throughout church how to get The Boyfriend to take me there for lunch! But I don’t do the hot sauces, either. Jalapenos are about as hot as I can go.
    Hooray for LilZoot’s art camp! We are all proud of him too!

  2. So… if you don’t do the hot sauces… isn’t it just sorta like Subway?

    Or is it more like… that other one… where they toast the bun. WHY CAN’T I THINK OF THE NAME!?

    Anyway. Just like that one?

  3. no Kim, Firehouse is so much better than Subway. So, so much better! In my humble opinion. The Quiznos here in my town has horrible service, so I just don’t stray away from Firehouse Subs.

  4. Firehouse is toasted, but the ingredients are ninebillion times fresher than Quiznos. And the customer service? Perfect in every way. The meatballs – are OVEN BAKED to PERFECTION. And the Sweet Tea? SWEET SWEET SWEET.

    Sigh…I want another one, are you ready, Sam? Lets go get some dinner.

  5. And the cheese! The cheese is oh so melted and brown around the edges! yes! I’m ready – let me get my purse! Maybe Firehouse Subs will cater the rehearsal dinner tonight…

  6. What???? No pictures? Woe.
    Also I have to tell you something kind of funny. I was looking at your picture today and i swear it you have a twin! Genuine’s and my cousin is your twin in a big way!! Wanted to tell you that since the first time I saw ya!! The smile, the hair, it’s so cool!

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