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More Birthday Fun!

Memorable Birthday Moments.

– Last year, I had to get a steroid shot in my ASS on my birthday because some damn wasp, carrying some bug disease stung me and gave me some weird insect infection.

– MrZoot bought me a stereo our first birthday together. He’s an awesome gift giver, when he remembers. Last year he got me the most beautiful jewelry, and who doesn’t appreciate that?? (Love ya, hon!)

– I had my first slumber party on my 14th birthday. My Mom’s boyfriend at the time, let me invite a couple friends over (his daughter was my age too) and said we could stay up all night and use his hot tub. I was looking forward to it forever. I ended up with some weird earache and I remember being miserable all night and not able to fully enjoy the fun. I did get to enjoy the hot tub though. It was lovely.

– My dad gave me my famous ewok for my 10th birthday. I still have this thing and sleep with it often. (Obviously – it was fluffy and fat at one point in time). My Dad used to wake me up in the mornings, by giving the thing a voice and making it talk to me. My Dad’s hilarious so it was a great way to wake up. Ewok has gone everywhere with me my whole life. This is probably the only gift that holds a higher place in birthday lore, than my autographed Blaire Warner Photo.

Stuffed Ewok

– One birthday was spent on a bike trip with my day camp in the Smokies. Since I was too embarassed to tell them I didnt think my skills were up to such a trip, I just told them I didnt have a bike. Well – that day? They brought me one to use. And it had gears, and I DEFINITELY didnt know what to do with a bike with gears. I’m not sure how long it took (not long, I’m sure) but I did have a nasty wipe out eventually, and they let me ride the rest of the way in the van.

– So far? This birthday is shaping up to be awesome. LilZoot let me open two presents this morning (key chain shaped like a dog bone, and a flower to-go coffee mug), MrZ has sent me TWO e-cards, and I have had, like ninety billion “Happy Birthday Zoot!”s from you guys. Okay – not quite ninety billion, but damn close. I love you ALL! And so does Blaire Warner – just read her book, she tells you so!

20 thoughts on “More Birthday Fun!”

  1. See, stupid work making me actually do things and miss out on wishing you a happy birthday early. Dangit. Well, mark me as ninety billion and one then.

    Happy Birthday Zoot!

  2. hmmm… i’m getting a birthday vibe here… now, who could it be… ummm… i dunno {shrugs}

    happy birthday your royal zootness!

  3. did i miss the wishlist? did i see it? i’m sure there is no wishlist!

    i hope you have the happiest birthday! even though i didn’t send a present!

  4. I use to do this at Bennigans…so sit back and pretend your in a restaurant full of people, with balloons tied to your hair and all the waiters and waitresses are singing to you.

    “Happy Happy Birthday from all of us to you….Happy Happy Birthday we’re glad your with us too….HEY…Happy Happy Birthday (All employees hands in the air waving arms back and forth, song slows down) MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE….WOOOOOOOO….Happy Happy Birthday…blah blah blah blah blah blah…” I’m sorry, its been a long time since I worked there so I forgot the rest of the words.

    In any case, Happy Birthday…I love you and I hope you have the greatest one ever!

  5. Much happiness and laughter on your birthday, wish you lots of fun zoot!!

  6. Um…wha? A WASP can give a person a DISEASE??? *shudder* A whole ‘nother reason to fear those horrid thangs!


  8. That’s an Ewok?

    Just teasing. I know the torture those poor stuffed animals go through. My best friend has a “Lamby” that she probably still sleeps with. It barely resembles a lamb. And it’s definitely not white.

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