Princess Zoot

Since I now have no access to my blog or email at work – I am feeling incredible pressure to write something before I leave for work. And wouldnt you know, for the first time EVER – I’m experiencing writer’s block. So – when all else fails – tell a funny story.

My first few years of college, I made money part time as a math tutor for high school students. It was a flexible job that gave us extra money, which we sorely needed. I had made an appointment to meet a student at my college library one night. He was going to be there anyway, and since he wasnt old enough to drive yet – it was easier for me to meet him there.

I went over to Junkie’s house to drop of LilZoot so she could watch him for me. I got there early, as usual, so I played a bit with Ariel and LilZoot before I left for the library. I finally left for the library and tutored my student for awhile. At one point, I put my hands up on my head to remove the sunglasses holding back my hair (just a subconscious thing – I always have sunglasses holding back my hair). Shit. Those arent my sunglasses.

I was wearing a plastic pink tiara. With plastic rhinestones. In a college library. MY college library where I saw several people I had classes with. WHILE I was tutoring. I was wearing a tiara. I must have forgotten to take it off when I was playing dress-up with LilZoot and Ariel.

I dont know what was funnier. The outfit I was wearing with the tiara? Which consisted of holey jeans, birkenstocks, and a Janis Joplin T-shirt. Or the fact that my student didnt miss a beat with me wearing the tiara.

“Rivers! Why didnt you tell me I was wearing a tiara?”
“I just assumed you knew you were. Who accidentally wears a tiara?”
“And why didnt you THEN make fun of me endlessly for wearing a tiara?”
“You wear a lot of things I dont understand, Zoot, I just learned to ignore it all.”

Yeah. Thanks kid. Just the ego boost I needed. That will be six hundred dollars for this session, by the way, I just upped my rates.

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  1. OH Zoot! I attached my new URL. You gotta check it out. Beth made it for me. What do you think?

  2. HEY!!! I remember you!

    Ok, just kidding. Is it wrong that I have a similar story, but mine involves a Ariel the Mermaid tiara and King Soopers?? Remember…I’m a GUY.

  3. a charming story – Zoot, you should always wear a tiara! When BellaBelly was preparing for her wedding, I kept pestering her that I needed a ‘little’ tiara!! Drove her bonkers.
    thought about you last night when I watched the first Harry Potter – and I’ve decided I want a Gryffindor scarf when the cold weather comes!!

  4. I knew a woman at work who had a “birthday tiara”. I don’t think she got a lot of comments on it either except for, “Is it your birthday again already?” Hee.

  5. I think what would bother me most about the kid is that he saw other things in your wardrobe that were equally as inappropriate as the tiara to him, so he assumed that it was a planned accessory. What could you possibly have been wearing that would make him think that a tiara was not out of the oridinary for you?

  6. Well, the comment started out all right, anyway. I mean, if he’d have said something like “I’ve just learned to accept it,” it would’ve sounded a little less harsh. Still, v. funny on the kid’s part.

  7. Oh, Zoot. Funny stories that brighten up my Monday morning? So not writer’s block. I like how the kid just kind of resigned himself to the fact that you wear things he doesn’t understand. That makes me think you were going about in astronaut gear, or something.

  8. May I borrow it? P.S. You had better start looking for that new job – the one that you can blog from…

  9. Wait. You mean it’s not okay to wear a tiara with jeans and a t-shirt? C’mon— we can only wear one playing dressup? Where’s the fun in that? Sheesh *takes off tiara puts in the the bureau*

  10. No matter how many times I hear (or tell) this story…it NEVER loses its “luster”. (get it? πŸ™‚

    Oh, and be SO happy for me…I FINALLY have my sweet Ariel home w/ me…where she should be! πŸ™‚

  11. I’m failing to see what the problem was! I wear tiaras ALL THE TIME. In fact, I’m wearing my office tiara right now. It’s made out of plastic and covered with silver sparkles.

  12. I love that!! I wore a tiara (real one with rhinestones and everything) to work one day. The only comment I got was, “Feeling like a princess today?” I responded with a gleeful, “Yes!” and that was it. No funny looks or anything. A couple of bemused looks, tho.

  13. An invaluable lesson in how others see us…and how they wouldn’t dream of telling you your fly’s open.
    Have to admit though he had you with ‘nobody accidentally wears a tiara’.

  14. LOL…That was cute! I don’t think I’ve done something like that yet. Both my boys aren’t really into tiaras. πŸ˜‰ Love you babe!

  15. you know, i’d wear a pink tiara if i had one. every day. i tried to buy a tiara in victoria, but it was poo-poo’ed. oh well.

    be gratefull you have a tiara to wear in the first place! πŸ™‚

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