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“Sweetie” – our New Dog

Short Version? We rescued a dog before the fireworks on Sunday. She used her magic canine powers to lure MrZ and LilZ into her control and we ended up bringing her home and making her ours.

Long Version? Take the short version and add a HELL of a lot of eye rolling and head shaking on my part. Constant scoffing would be an understatement. I’m actually still not done shaking my head and muttering things like “I can NOT believe we have another dog. We have three dogs now. How in the hell did we end up with three dogs?” IN AN APARTMENT.

So. The dog.

She is officially LilZoot’s dog. Unofficially? She’s MrZoot’s as well and it took every ounce of grown up in him NOT to insist she me named SIBBY. LilZoot named her SWEETIE. Notice the spelling, he specified that as well. She’s been given a clean bill of health from our vet and is scheduled to be spayed next Friday. We are fairly certain she was abused because she cowers a LOT and seems to flinch at sudden movements. She’s about a year old and is probably full grown. She is pretty close to houseebroken, but no where close to “trained”. She jumps like a freakin kangaroo which null and voids all of my “systems” I have set up to keep dogs out of the cat food and the cat poop.

Now – the ultimate question: How does she get a long with the other animals?

Well – Bambi – our male cat – hates her. He has started growling and hissing at random intervals. Sweetie will be two rooms away and Bambi will simply hiss – just to remind us that he despises us for bringing home another dog. He’s never been a big fan of our dogs, so adding another has simply irritated the hell out of him and he’s decided to just begin hissing and growling at ALL the dogs. And even the human’s periodically. He’s pissed. He wants that to be noticed. I’ve noticed.

Of course, Bambi’s hissing and growling has done nothing to deter Sweetie from chasing him and taunting him, causing Bambi to plot Sweetie’s death during all available free time.

Cisco and LilGirl – my two Boston Terriers – seem more hurt and sad than anything. Sweetie has NO desire to be an alpha dog and is very submissive. This is good because we already have one Alpha Bitch (an no – its not ME – jeez). The Bostons just seem sad because they know things wont be the same and I think they really enjoyed ruling the roost like they did. I have been doubling up the love I give them to try to ease their minds a little.

I got more slobery Boston Terrier kisses yesterday evening than the law should allow. Everytime I saw one of the Bostons pouting? (yes – dogs pout – shut up) I’d love on them. I’m such a pushover. If they asked me to buy them a car right now? I’d do it in a heartbeat. Good thing they lack the ability to speak and opposable thumbs.

Sunflower – my female cat? Doesnt even flinch at the new addition. Thats just the way she is. She gives every living creature an opportunity to worship her, she is not biased towards species or gender. She’s just like me.

29 thoughts on ““Sweetie” – our New Dog”

  1. Sunflower is my kind of cat.

    And poor Sweetie, cowering, probably abused. She needs lots of love. Awwww.

    If I found her we’d have to give to the (no-kill) SPCA because we cannot keep pets, but my heart would break over it. BREAK.

    I still miss the cat that I cat sat last year for six months. Not too long after they had to put her down. Waaaaaaah!

  2. Wow you have a lot of pets. no wonder you feel like you didn’t get anything accomplished this summer, you have been keeping up with all your children. He is a beautiful dog though, I would have had a hard time saying no to those eyes too!

  3. No! That’s my dog! I lost her when I was in…Alabama…last week…or something. I’ve been looking for her EVERYWHERE! Give her back!

    (Translation: Holy god in heaven, that is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen.)

  4. Sweetie is SO gorgeous. Oh she’s beautiful. I am dog-sitting for a 4 month old boxer who I am hoping follows my dogs’ good example and becomes “COMPLETELY HOUSEBROKEN” while her owners are away. But I have a steam cleaner–just in case.

  5. I’m having serious trouble typing this without reverting to baby talk. Cause that is one itty-bitty baby, cutie pie doggy. Damn, didn’t make it.

  6. I am really a cat person, not a dog person, but even cold hearted cat loving bitch Me sees that this dog is precious!

  7. She is awfully cute. My only concern is that she looks like she’s got so much black lab in her… are you sure she’s full-grown? I’m trying to imagine the House O’ Zoot reaction if she ends up twice that size. πŸ˜‰

  8. I don’t know that even my “we have enough dogs” husband would be strong enough to resist that face! She. Is. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!
    You can’t be blamed for giving in, Zoot. If she had been on the Titanic, we wouldn’t have it to talk about, because she could melt icebergs.
    Yes, I love dogs. Why do you ask?

  9. OMG what a sweet mush-mush puss face! the big brown eyes! oooohhhhh! whattashweetwittlemuppypuppy!

    (love your bedding, too)

  10. So let me get this straight. You stole someone’s dog…er..sorry “rescued” someone’s dog?
    You are SO going to jail.
    She IS cute though.

  11. How could you not fall in love with those big brown eyes!

    On a side note, you officially have a petting zoo in your house. That is hella lot of animals for a three bedroom apt. I envy you….

  12. If it helps any, by one year my lab was MUCH bigger than that.

    I think she’s still growing, but only in girth, not in length.

    Cute dog, btw, in case nobody told you.

  13. That dog? Is adorable. Good for the Zoots for rescuing her. πŸ™‚ My sister is studying to be a vet, and she would be proud!!!

  14. I can’t believe you didn’t name her Sirius!!! Although, I realize you had no control over that πŸ˜‰
    I hope your Bostons end up loving her as much as the boys do!

  15. There is no question you did the right thing by rescuing her…and she’s the luckiest puppy ever b/c there is no house better for animals than “the house of Zoot”!

    She’s so precious…but please don’t tell LilGirl I said so!

  16. How cute! About six years ago that puppy’s older, yellow, brother stoped my car on the way home from work. I know how it is cute eyes taht say “LOVE ME!” Shakespeare (that’s the dog and yep I’m a geek)used to flinch alot too and we found he had a broken leg taht had healed poorly. Six years later he is much bigger (sorry) but a wonderful part of our family and one of the best dogs I ever owned. Good luck!

  17. She’s adorable. There’s no ads for missing dogs? Eh, if she was abused, she’s better off with you anyway.

    My husband loves Bostons. I think when I want to get a dog, that will be the only way I’ll be able to get one.

  18. W.A.N.T. H.E.R.

    OMG, she’s adorable! just adorable! i will never understand how people can abuse dogs. never. love her love her. i think we will definitely need regular updates on the whole pet situation; how the cats/bt’s are now dealing with sweetie…

  19. Sweetie is actually my dog. She must have hitched a ride from Calif to Alabama somehow. Hmmm… Can you please send her to me right now?? Thanks.

  20. okay, she’s giving me the one eyed look of cuteness. I have fallen in love with Sweetie – what a great name! It seems that doggy rescue was a theme across the South this 4th of July…

  21. OMG Sweetie is just…well.. SWEET: Oh I love here. How wonderful that you took her in! I know there was head shaking, and I realize you already have a zoo.. but she deserves a good home like yours to be loved to death in πŸ˜€

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