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Holiday Chaos Part 1: A New Bike

Yeah – we have a new addition to our zoo. Unfortunately – I am still at a loss when trying to explain HOW it happened, and I definitely can’t answer WHY. I’ve opted to talk about the non-new-dog parts of the holiday weekend until I can come up with a proper explanation as to how we NOW have three dogs in a three bedroom apartment that also holds two cats and three large humans.

So. Saturday. LilZoot has been needing a new bike. We had found one at Target (of course) we liked. Saturday afternoon, after Spiderman 2 (Loved it!) and some time at the pool reading Prodigal Summer we ventured to Target. On foot.

Target is right under two miles away from our front door. Since my car can not hold a fully assembled bike, we chose to walk there. And yes – it IS hotter than hell in Alabama in July, and yes – we are insane for making such a journey in the heat of an Alabama Summer.

So – we enjoyed Target’s AC for a bit, picked out our bike, put on the helmet LilZoot had brought with him, made our purchase (50 dollars for a 15 speed 24 inch bike – Woo!) and LilZoot rode his new adult bike back home with me struggling to keep up on foot. I made him pause at intersections so I wouldnt lose track of him. Also – so I could guzzle one of the water bottles we had with us. And no – I did not share. He’s nine – it takes longer for him to dehydrate than me.

Its a big day. LilZoot is now riding a bike that is big enough for ME to ride. So – here is my soon to outgrow me nine-yr-old on his big boy bike. Unfortunately, he’s just about an inch too short for it. He struggles with getting started and with the dismount, but he does fine once he’s going.

Next up? My answer to the age old question:

“Which is more like Hell – Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve, or an Alabamian Fireworks Warehouse on the Fourth of July”

11 thoughts on “Holiday Chaos Part 1: A New Bike”

  1. $50!!!!!
    That’s cheap.
    I don’t want my son to turn 9 (january)! His feet are almost the same size as mine, but he’s more hobbit than 8 yr old

  2. Methinks Lil Zoot’s not so little anymore! Cool bike!

    Also, by way of prediction, I’m going to guess the answer to your question is Wal-Mart. It’s hell year round!

  3. First, Rock on, Lil Z-man. You are stylin. And I should know. I’m cool.

    Second…that hell question…um…living with your parents for the summer when you are 29…or maybe being forced to sit across from my grandfather during Thanksgiving when he doesn’t have his dentures firmly stuck in.

    Just some more to consider.

  4. My Father-in-law owns a bike shop. We get all the bikes we ever need. Looks like, he’s got a nice bike.

    3 Dogs… Who’s runnng your roost, you or the animals? 😉

  5. Hey, at least when LilZoot outgrows this bike you will have an almost-new one to ride. And it probably won’t be that long of a wait; my brother is 14 and he’s 5’9″ and weighs in at 195 pounds. Kids these days seem monstrously big.

  6. WOO HOO… New bikes for kids are such fun! What a good mom you are.

    I’d have to say the Alabamian Fireworks Warehouse is definitely a lil’ more hellacious…

  7. Well, I’ve been in an South Carolinian fireworks warehouse on July 4th, and I’d STILL pick Wal-Mart any day.

    Hee! To the new dog. Glad it’s not me…

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