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While You Were Out

I finally got my new camera cord in the mail. Remember? The Unidentified Device?. Well – I can finally unveil LilZs new room, But first? The OLD Room. And then? One half way through picture that shows the colors together perfectly! Click on any of the pictures to see the larger version.

Before I show you the FINAL results, I want to point out a few things.

1. LilZ has a Rubbermaid Garage unit as a Dresser. This is NOT because we don’t love him. We do – I swear. What you need to realize is we have NOTHING but crappy furniture at this phase of our life. The “Not buying anything new because we want a house dammit” Phase. His dresser? Is much better than our 80s reject black lacquer and gold trim set we have in our bedroom.

2. LilZ used to have a bed frame. He asked a few months ago if he could just have his mattresses on the floor. No frame. I had my bed the same way in college and MrZ had his like that as well – so we know the joy of a no-frame life. Again – LilZs lack of a bed frame is in no way a sign that we don’t love him.

3. LilZs old room was covered with thirty plus “cute animals” postcards stuck all over his walls. He loves anything that has a cute puppy or kitten on it. MrZ and I? Were the same way when we were kids. I didnt hang all of them back up (The Holes! EEK!) but I did hang all of his cute animal posters back up. I think thats enough cuteness for him.

4. There are no pictures that include the “post-painting” ceiling. There is a reason for that. I’m lazy. And Short. And I only have one step ladder to reach tall places. Blah.

5. The Hillary Duff and the Olsen Twins Mary Kate and Ashley posters are new. I bought those last night with the help of the kids next door. (I told you I was borrowing neighborhood children while LilZ was gone). I wanted to get him a Lindsay Lohan poster – but I couldn’t find one. The kids said LilZ will SCREAM! when he sees his room. I hope so. What do you think?

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  1. That is an uber cool room. He will never be satisfied by waterballoon fights again.

    I always strung up some cords and did kind of a clothesline thing with my photos and postcards and the like. It worked really well and there were minimum holes.

  2. Great, great room. Love the orange. It’s one of my favorite colors.

    I wouldn’t let K put up a Hillary Duff poster, so you are a much cooler mom than I am. He does have an Emma whats-her-face (Hermione) poster, though, which is fine. I’m still disturbed at the fact that he even has crushes, although I know I need to get over it.

  3. Screw ancient furniture, I love that “dresser” idea. My little young’ns will end up destorying it anyway… It will be perfect for them!! I think I have to get me one or two! lol..

    I wanted something that was disposable, yet durable. I think that will work out wonderfully.

    OH, I love the room. Is he into chics? Also you can get some sticky-putty that puts up posters without using nails, tacks or anything that will make holes. Also, maybe you can get him a cork-board and make a collage of all his fav animals? Just an idea.

  4. That orange color is uber cool. He is lucky to have a mom who will let him have color on his walls…as a kid I was forced to live in a white room…bleck.

  5. Very nice, no need to explain to us how much you love him, the drum set says it all. (I have plenty of Excedrin if you need some)

  6. Love the room, it looks amazing. If LilZ wants to hang the postcards back up I have a trick I can let you in on, just let me know. But really, it looks great.

  7. I LOVE it! Great job! Ummm..I need a little painting done, wanna come over? He is going to freak when he sees it!

  8. Awesome job!! My hubby and I are in the process of redoing the girls room right now so this was inspiring! Thanks!

  9. Awesome! Makes me kind of wish that my stepson had picked out a wild color like that, instead of just the plain ol’ sky/smurf blue on all 4 walls.
    LilZ will love it, I’m certain!

  10. Youare an awesome mom…lucky for LilZ that he can come home and see on the walls how much you love him. Great job !

  11. How cool is that?

    You need an amplifier and electric guitar too. Really.

    On Hillary Duff – I understand why kids would like her. Me, when I was little, had pictures of Farrah and Loni Anderson everywhere. I was the worlds biggest Charlie’s Angels fan.

    Okay, so I’m showing my age (again)

  12. wow, that is one sweet room. love the contrasting color walls. i wanna do that to my room. what, no harry potter posters/wall art?

  13. I love that orange — interesting, without being loud or obnoxious. I’m sure you can’t wait to see his reaction. 🙂

  14. I looooove orange 🙂
    and speaking as a person who still has their matress on the floor voluntarily (you don’t have to clean under the bed if you can’t get anything under the bed)…I totally understand.

  15. Awesome! The room looks great! He’s going to love it. You did great…Mom of the year award!

  16. Such a cool mom. You got him a Hillary Duff poster even though you hate her? Super cool.

    The room looks FAAAB. I think he’s go totally apenuts.

  17. Oh yeah, “post it” stuff works great for not putting holes in walls – some places call it “tack it” I think. Any stationary store will have it. You can use it for posters & stuff, too, and no holes. It’s a miracle.

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