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The Ole’ Stomping Grounds

OR a Callback to Another of Zoots Admirable Parenting Moves

This afternoon, MrZoot and I are going back to the department we got our degrees from. One of our old Professors is retiring, and we are attending his shin-dig to honor him. The building we will be in today, Wesleyan Hall, at the University of North Alabama, is a special place for us. We spent many late nights in the “Castle” as we called it, collaborating on projects, helping students (we were both assistants in the computer lab), making maps, cursing teachers, and falling in love. AAAWWWW! *gag*.

But – it has reminded me of a story illustrating my perfect parenting (sarcasm). My last two years in that department, I would find myself working many late hours in that lab. LilZoot was always up there with me because I didnt have any night-time child care, and he didnt mind it too much. What five-yr-old would mind hanging out in a castle? One night, I was gearing up for “Geography Awareness Week”. It was about 1am and LilZoot had fallen asleep on the couch in the computer lab. We had been there since I picked him up from Kindergarten at 2:30pm. I thought “Poor guy – I’m just going to snuggle with him for a moment”.

I curled up on the couch with him, to just “rest a minute”. The next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes to sunshine. I shot up and looked at my watch. Shit. 7:00am. Shit. I had class at 8:00am. Shit. LilZ had to be at school at 7:15. Shit. Thank god he was still in his uniform from the day before (he went to a private school for kindergarten). So I woke him up, “Get up!!! Now!!!”.

When we opened the door to the computer lab to come OUT into the hall, we scared the shit out of John, the janitor. He was like “Uh, Zoot, have you been here all night?” and I’m “Shit. Cant talk. Shit. Running late, sorry if I scared you! SHIT!” (Luckily – John and I were pals so he wasnt offended by my loud cursing and frantic rambling).

I threw LilZoot in the car (not quite literally, but almost), and sent him to kindergarten in the same clothes he had worn the day before. With no breakfast. No brushed teeth. No bath. No lunch (lunch money though – thank god), and a rushed hug to end a frantic morning. I spent the rest of the day thinking about how bad of a Mom I was to send my child to school in that condition. Especially considering he’s like me and rarely goes a full day without spilling something on himself. So – his day old uniform? Also had day old stains to incriminate me further.

But you know? He still talks about “The time we spent the night at the castle” with excitement. I hear him telling friends about it, or he’ll remind me of it out of the blue. I guess its one of his many war stories from my college years. And lawd…there were MANY. Regardless – its still a day I look back on as being on of my biggest “Oh, SHIT!” days, and he looks back on it as one of his favorites. Funny how it works that way.

LilZoot update I talked to him again this morning and he is still having a ball and not missing me in the slightest. But – we did have a giggle full conversation as I threatened to email him a picture the dogs poop from this morning. Yep – the guarantee giggle inducer for a 9yrold boy – talk about poop.

It usually works for MrZoot too.

19 thoughts on “The Ole’ Stomping Grounds”

  1. He seems none the worse for wear for having gone through that and if it was an adventure to him, why should you worry about it? You seem like a wonderful mother to me. (Course you could be a serial killer and I wouldn’t know it πŸ™‚ )

    I still think he misses you and just doesn’t want to make you suffer by telling you. πŸ™‚

  2. I was going to say (before I saw your last little bit) that talking about ‘poop’ is still a sure way to get a giggle out of my 13 year old. But I see you’re already wise in the ways of ‘men who never grow up!’ heh

  3. I still think he totally misses you and is just trying to spare your feelings! I am a princess and have yet to spend a night in a castle – no fair!

  4. Great story about the night in the Castle, lilZ probably loved going to school the next day without having to get ready…I get all excited when I accidently do that now that I’m an adult…double points when you’re a kid.

  5. That is such a great story. And the fact that he looks back at it with fondness, well, that just makes it even better. Isn’t it funny that just one night in the “castle” with mom can top a night at say Chuck E Cheese?

  6. I still think it’s amazing when my nephew will bring up something that happened years and years ago; something that I had completely forgotten about. At least they’re good memories. πŸ™‚

  7. Awwwww…Maybe I just haven’t let my coffee set in yet, but that was great! Before this week without LilZ you’re going to have all of us missing him too! πŸ™‚

  8. you are so cute! reminds me of my mom busting her ass to get through college as a single mom – he’ll always look back fondly at those times – and with respect for you πŸ™‚

  9. Ya know….I believe memories like those are the spice of life. Some ARE spicier than others, but that’s a smile bringer!

  10. what a great story! i just love the look of that old building. we don’t have many buildings on my campus like that. πŸ™‚

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