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Wow. The Birds Get Up EARLY around here.

The dreaded day is here. I hadnt spoken about it because I hoped it would go away. First: Notice the freakin’ time on this post. It’s really early. Blah.

So – LilZ usually spends a whole week with his Dad during the Summer. A Friday to a Friday. Seven days. I dont like it, but I can handle it. Well – his dad and I traded weekends so he could have Father’s Day. This put him having two weekends in a row. Usually that means I drive the 600 mile trip TWO weekends in a row. Blah.

Well – LilZ’s Nana has offered to take him down for me TODAY. And then? Let his Dad have the week BETWEEN the two weekends. So – I have to meet her at 6:15 (AM!) this morning in a town an hour away. (Hence the early wake up time). So – this is it guys. LilZ will be gone, not for seven days this time. But TEN FREAKIN DAYS. Good? I get to skip the 600 mile drive this weekend to get LilZ to and from his dad’s. Bad? I have to be without my child for TEN Days. Blah.

So – I have petitioned all the neighborhood kids to come hang out with me as much as possible so I dont lose my mind. Their parents have told them they can’t because I lost it a long time ago. Go figure. Yeah – so I’ve become the crazy Mom in #2 who is trying to borrow everyone’s children. That doesnt make me crazy, does it? (hee).

14 thoughts on “Wow. The Birds Get Up EARLY around here.”

  1. You know that I’m here to talk if you need to. Plus? We have yet another thing to add to the t-shirt.

    As an aside…Mr. Z….Lovin’ the anime Strongbad shirt. I totally have to get that one for J.

  2. The Good.
    You and Mr Z can “DO IT” all over the house!
    Also you can have cookies for dinner and breakfast if you want to. ANd chances are you will not step on one lego in 10 days. Your feet will thank you for it.
    (my son when to Europe for 12 days last year and that was all the good I could come up with)

  3. Hubby and I are giving my son to my mom ( out of state) for a week so we can have some alone time next month. I seriously have considered not doing it…it can be so hard to be away from your child. I went on my honeymoon last summer and when we got back he seemed to have grown a foot and forgotten me. Oh sorry, I’d intended to make you feel better, not worse ! O-well, sorry.

  4. I know how you feel! I hate it when we leave the girls anywhere. (not that we leave them places but, well, you know) I am back in school and so for two nights a week I don’t get to see them and it is awful! But try to enjoy the free time with Mr. Z and he will be back before you know it.

    (then you can hug him till he squirms! Well that’s what I do)

  5. I want to make you feel better, Zoot, but I don’t know if I can…b/c I’m trying to get myself ready for Ariel being gone 2 WEEKS starting next Friday…and it’s tripping me out! So instead…you need to talk positively every day about how wonderful and easy it is and how each day is just flying by…ok? Got it?

  6. Hrmpf! Can’t think of any words or way that’ll make it better. Keep busy and call him lots. Actually I think it’s awesome that you’ll miss him. That just means you love him that much more…. You’ll manage… Your a hang tough kinda mom!

  7. Okay, you want kids. Let’s chat. I don’t know if kids (2 boys) ages 18 and 21 qualify. If so, I am sticking a postage stamp on their heads and shipping them to you ASAP. The good news is – they fix their own food, make their own beds, and are generally out of the way. Bad news: we still haven’t conquered that leaving the toilet seat up thing….

  8. Poor thing! My mom always hated it when my brother and I would go away. I hope you can sub the neighborhood kids, so you don’t perish from lack of LilZ.

  9. you could always dress up lil girl and cisco in lilz’s clothes and pretend he’s still there if you get really desperate! you’ll be fine girl. it’ll suck the first few days, but you’ll get through it. look at it as a opportunity to make a babyZ!!

  10. Oh, I know just how you feel! Except K? We have to let him go for FIVE WEEKS in the summer. A week in June, two weeks each in July and August. It’s awful.

  11. I sympathise with you. Mine were away for three days straight this time and even though I was sick and had to stay in bed most of the time I missed them like crazy. However, the time will pass and when he gets back he will be so happy to see you that the missing will be all but forgotten. Take some time out for you.

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