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“Its a 150HP Holographic – in JAPANESE!” “Huh?”

“Mom? Have you told your blog friends that I collect Pokemon cards, yet?”
“Um. No hon, I don’t think I have.”
“Well – you should.”

Dear Blog – My son collects Pokemon. Amen.

Nah – there’s a bit more to it than that.

June13 034

Seriously. The boy is an AVID Pokemon card collector. He has this binder FULL of them. He organizes them and re-organizes them a gazillion times a week. Or at least it feels like that to me. He and the neighborhood kids trade Pokemon cards for hours at a time. Hearing them talk about it is like listening to people speak a foreign language. I encourage that as a hobby, simply because it doesnt involve the television and I dont like him spending too much time in front of the TV (because I dont like to share…).

June13 014

There was one card, his FAVORITE, that disappeared one day. He freaked out. But – he had to go to his dads that weekend, so he couldn’t look for it. I spent the entire weekend combing through ever hidden stash of cards I could find (he has TONS) until finally, I found it. Since then – he keeps them all either in his binder, or in a bin he carries around with the less important cards.

Overall – it’s a good hobby. He has to socialize, and learn to negotiate and what not. It is relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t make a mess. It doesn’t involve staring at the television. And its one I can insist they do outside and no one cares, which guarantees me at least a little bit of quiet time. Also? Its a portable hobby that can go on road trips with us. Any hobby that can be brought in the car makes our lives a little easier since we drive so much.

Well – that’s it. LilZoot asked that I share – and who am I to turn down blog material? Happy Trading. “I Choose You Pikachoo” or whatever the hell they say.

6 thoughts on ““Its a 150HP Holographic – in JAPANESE!” “Huh?””

  1. I wish I was into Pokémon, I love hearing them trade cards, but sadly I could never really understand it. I have a really hot Pokémon swim suit, though, maybe I’ll write about that today. 🙂

  2. When he gets into Magic the Gathering (the next logical progression mind you), let me know. I “might” have a gift for him.

  3. My kids are older, but we used to have TMNTurtles. They were everywhere! Go to bake something – turtle in the oven, shower? turtle in the tub…it was insane! I kinda miss them!

  4. That’s too funny! My kids are constantly asking me, “Are you going to put this on your blog?” As far as Pokemon cards go all I can say is wow, my kids are never that organized about anything, way to go Lil Zoot!

  5. ah. pokemon cards. one of the benifits of having parents that think everything is “from satan” is that when they convince your kids that pokemon is evil and will send them to hell, they no longer want you to spend your money on them for fear they will burn for all eternity. Of course, I told them that it wasn’t true, but they’re already scared, so GOOD RIDDANCE pokemon. I can send their leftover collection if you’d like? heh.

  6. That is so cute! I met a little boy once who was really big into Pokemon…he had all these big albums full of cards that he lugged around. You’re right though…at least it keeps LilZoot’s mind occupied on things other than TV, and from the looks of the picture, it’s a social activity as well… 🙂

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