OR Would you Like me to Dye your Hair?

So – I’ve mentioned that Junkie came into town with her daughter, Ariel, this weekend for Harry Potter. Well, she REALLY wanted me to highlight her hair with some kit she had used before. Remember, Junkie made me dye my hair black back in 1998 (maybe). For the record? I hated the black hair about 9 days after we did it. Anyway – We bought her dye on Saturday and I prayed to all gods and generals that we would be too busy to dye her hair.

Sunday? She was ready and willing. I kept saying things like “Uh – I don’t feel comfortable doing this” or “I don’t know how to highlight hair” or “What if I screw it up?”.

See – Junkie has TRIED to dye her hair a number of times, but it never takes. Sometimes, the dye lightens her hair ever so slightly, but most of the time? Nothing. We chose a color that was “copper” or a light-brown to highlight her dark brown hair. The kit came with a funky applicator and the dye. I followed the instructions and this is what happened:
*Warning: Not for the faint of heart*

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Can you say “Cheetah?”. It was awful. It pretty much bleached her hair, but not consistently. I just laughed my ass off like any friend would. We stood there for thirty minutes digging through her hair, finding spots and streaks of blonde. It was horrid. Well – we found a MUCH better system at the store and spent the next few hours TRYING to “fix” it as much as we could.

So – it looks much better this time. You can still see where we screwed up – but overall? It looks really good. Here is what we learned

#1) Go with your GUT. OR with the GUT of the person dying your hair.
#2) Hair dye has changed over the last few years.
#3) The more dye on the hair, the lighter it gets.
#4) Sitting in the sun ACCENTUATES the effect of the dye.
#5) Never, under ANY circumstances, EVER ask a girl who you caused a VERY bad hair experience to, to dye your hair.

11 thoughts on “Um…Ooops?”

  1. At-home hair highlighting kits are rarely a good thing. I’ve botched my hair and ruined my all-time favorite jeans attempting to do my own hair, and since then have found it much easier to swallow the salon’s rates even as ridiculous as they can be.

    For an at-homer, good job on fixing things up! I have a lot of friends who would highlight my hair at home and then not be so good as to follow-through with the fix up.

  2. You fixed it very well, but I don’t think I will be asking you to dye my hair anytime soon!

  3. Ummmremember when you told me you would dye my hair? I just remembered I have an appointment that day – another time perhaps…

  4. Well, I for one am not complaining a bit…except for the fact that my hair is completely fried…it’s fabulous, Zoot! 🙂

  5. Oh, never sit in the sun! If I showed this to my roommate (stylist) she’d probably cry. If her is hair is fried try some deep conditioning treatments, they work.

  6. My one girlfriend asked me to help her touch up her roots when she was a platinum blonde, only she got a color instead of straight bleach. Yeeeeeeah … that was almost two years ago, and it’s just now finally healthy again. But the color underneath the platinum, outside of the places we missed? Golden orange. It was HOTT.

  7. OMG. I used to be a hairdresser, and I’ve had hair like that come into the salon to be fixed, with the wearer of said hair in tears.

    I will have nightmares tonight about cheetah-heads.

    *running away screaming*

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