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Takin’ One for the Team.

You know – I own a lot of cheap-ass furniture. Seven years in college (Three as a single mom) leaves you only one option: Shit-board furniture. Or hand-me-downs. Or streetcorner steals. Or yard-sale finds. And now that I have a good paying 9-5 job and a working husband, well, then things like this happen.


This is my son’s bookshelf that collapsed ON MY DAMN HEAD. Yeah – there are usually 3 other shelves, but they ALL chose to fall on my head one day when I was putting stuff up. So – I did the best I could by stacking all the books and games up in piles, and then left it. For two months. What the hell should I do? The bookshelf has been taken apart and put back together at least five times. Its been moved a dozen times. It only cost 35 dollars brand-spankin’-new at Wal-Mart anyway, so it has out-lived its predicted life span. There is no way I’m buying anymore crappy furniture. But we don’t have the money to buy GOOD furniture yet. So. What did I do?

I took one for the team. I got rid of ALL my paperbacks (I have a LOT of paperback books). Now? After rearranging the other shelves around the house – I have one small one empty and ready to fill. Now lookie…


Yeah. Now, when LilZoot comes back from summer camp on Friday, it will be all nice and neat for him. Of course, my paperbacks made the ultimate sacrifice, and there is a little bit of emptiness in my heart now (I obsesses over owning the books I read). But hey – if that’s the biggest sacrifice I ever made for my son? I’d be a lucky woman.

But damn…that was like fifty paperbacks. I’m totally regretting this now – do you think anyone would look at me funny if I went and dug them out?

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  1. For the love of God, parenthood shouldn’t involve bibliocide! Get your books back! Pack them in boxes until you can afford yourself a swinging new non-pressboard bookcase in your new house!

    (The new setup looks fab, by the way.)

  2. One time when I was doing my homework which was really hard, I threw my science book out the window, but I was still mad so I threw my math book and english book out the window too.

    I then heard someone yell, so I looked out the window and saw my grandma trying to get up from the ground after she got hit with one of my books!

    I ran out the back door, grabbed my books off the ground, and prayed she wasn’t in my bedroom waiting for me while she was smelling it up, but she was in one of her temporary comas in the living room, so I was lucky.

    That was the last time I threw my books away!

  3. Go rescue them! They’re so sad, they have no home. Poor bookies…

    For book storage I reccommend under-the-bed storage bins like like these from Linens N’ Things. They’re just big enough to sit apaperback books spine up in two rows. They stack really nicely under the bed or in the closet. I should know, I had three of them in a dorm room the size of a cupboard.

  4. Please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,go get the the books………..It makes me want
    to cry that they’re out there lonesome in the trash with no home…You can find a place to keep them…dammitt…dammitt
    do you want my help?

  5. Get the books, if you don’t want to keep them donate them to a local hospital. Or do what I did, buy cheap-ass storage bins (walmart, smelly plastic brand) and put them away for now.

  6. yeah, i’m not much of a book tosser… but i did sell some to a local used book store. that worked well. i’ve also given some to goodwill. that does good for your heart and your pocketbook (tax write-off).

    🙂 i’d fish them out.

  7. How far is the nearest IKEA? Almost all of our stuff is IKEA, and it looks nice and most of it lasts a long time. Baby steps to a nice home. I know, I had NO furniture before I married. I did spend a fair amount on a good mattress (from a student loan), but other than that I just had cheap crap. IKEA to the rescue!

  8. ok..who’s drum kit is that?
    Are you nuts?
    What if MY son somehow see’s this photo? There will be a full out tantrum and I am NOT prepared to have a drum kit in the house!
    Think of the rest of us Zoot! For the love of God!

  9. So you’ve decided to be productive with your time while LilZoot is gone, huh? Yeah, you just want him to be impressed with your mad skills when he comes home. It’s all good though…you did a good job. 🙂

  10. Ah-hem…hello zoot, remember me? Your BFF who could strangle you for not giving your paperbacks to her??? Or at least let me go through them to pull out the ones I don’t already have….geesh…

  11. Girl, if you love the books keep ’em. If you really feel you’re never going to go through them again then I’m supportin’ ya. BTW…Check to make sure they are not worth any money before you try to get rid of them. You never know!

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