The Entry BEFORE the drugs kick in.

My ear started hurting yesterday, mildly. Whenever I moved my head to quickly it really hurt, but other than that – life was okay. Today? I noticed it hurting a bit more. Then, this afternoon, the phone rang. I answered it – not too violently – and as I brought the receiver to my ear quickly (but NOT violently) – the impact caused the pain increased ten-fold. Weird. From that point on? The pain got worse and worse. It got to the point that I could NOT open my jaw all the way without severe pains.

I dont go to the doctor ever. Ever. Ever Ever Ever. I have a strange medi-phobia that encompasses antibiotics and other medications as well. I’ve only been on antibiotics twice that I can remember. Once? Last summer with a nasty bee sting. The second time? This February after my D&C. So when I called MrZoot and said “I’m going to the doc-in-a-box to get him to look at my ear and give me drugs” He knew it was bad. Maybe to the point he’d want  test me to see if I was on drugs in the first place, knowing I don’t voluntarily do such a thing.

The doctor came in (loudly) and looked at my ear. He said, and I quote:

“EWWWW. We’ve been swimming, havent we?”

Evidently I have a super-serious case of Swimmer’s Ear. He said that we need to keep a careful eye on it because it has gotten bad and I REALLY should have come in to see him before it reached this point of severity. Whatever. He said (loudly) that he would give me pain pills and antibiotics. Which I went to get immediately at Target. Lorecet 5. I know so little about drugs I had to call my friend and she said (not too loudly) “ooooh….those ought to do the trick” But I had to eat before taking them.

So – I went to Dominos to pick up pizza (where they Yell – A LOT – so I killed them all) and came home. Immediately after MrZoot put my antibiotic drops in my ear, the phone rings (LOUDLY) – its Dominoes. We have the wrong goddamn pizzas. We can keep them, and come pick up our real order. MrZoot went and did that while I sat with my head sideways dreaming about the pain medications I would be taking soon. He came home. Twenty four dollars got us 5 pizzas and an order of cinnasticks.

I ate. Then I took my drugs. Then I came to delete than 90 million spam comments about penis enlargement that had hit my blog while I was gone. Now? I am telling you my story. Waiting patiently for the drugs to kick in. I do NOT think I’ll be watching American Idol tonight because they are loud, and right now? This house is all in “quiet mouse” mode.

Swimmer’s Ear makes baby Jesus cry. And loud people get killed, quietly.

15 thoughts on “The Entry BEFORE the drugs kick in.”

  1. oh baby, I feel your pain! I had a punctured ear drum last November, thanks to Azzybee, and it was THE most painful thing ever…plus it freaked me out when I noticed blood leaking out my ear…what was next? Brains? I mean…I don’t have much to begin with. I never loved pain meds so much in my LIFE!

    Hang in there, and DO take care of it…don’t let it get worse!

  2. I’m so sorry for you. I don’t feel the pain because I pretty much have blocked out the childhood trauma of an 11 year old that had to have his ear scraped, and who wished he could become the Incredible Hulk and destroy everything in a five mile radius, because of the pain. Hang in there Z.

  3. Poor Zoot!! Sounds worse than awful! I admire your tenacity in dealing with penis enlargement emails even in your time of pain… you’re one strong lady. 😉

  4. Poor poor baby, I had swimmers ear once – it is up there with childbirth and toothaches. Take care of you, don’t say no to drugs (don’t let the kids hear me say that) and feel better soon! Hugs!

  5. (hug) Sorry you hurt so much. Hopefully the 5 pizza’s didn’t give you heart burn! That and swimmer’s ear would stink!

  6. i’m so sorry about your swimmers ear! i hope the drugs help a bunch!

    on a side note, do you have mt-blacklist? it might help with the icky comments.

  7. Oh man!! Hope you feel better!!

    I too hate going to the Dr. and have an aversion to meds LOL So I know where you’re coming from 😉

  8. Aw. Hope you feel better soon. Can’t believe the doctor actually said “Ewwww.” Like, nice bedside manner, McGee.

  9. *whispering* is this from the swim party with the evil apartment owners and their fucking free rent? *oops, raised my voice, sorry* sory sorry that you are in pain– hope the drugs kick in sooon– where’s the morphine when you need it, hmm?

  10. HE he he…. “Swimmer’s Ear makes baby Jesus cry”. I almost peed my pants after I read that – and I don’t keep a change of clothes at work either. Get better soon baby.

  11. I hope you’re feeling better!

    I have also been getting that same spam comment for penis enlargement, they leave their link, and in the comment section they just say “Thanks” to make it look like I allowed them to post that comment to trick my readers, but I don’t remember giving them permission.

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