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Mother’s Day Movie Review

Yesterday was our “Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza!” Which means LilZoot and I were at the theater, watching movies all day. I thought I’d review them for you, in case you were trying to decide what movie to take your kids too. Don’t worry – I wont “spoil’ them. First? I want to comment on a few of the BILLION previews we saw yesterday. We saw some of the same trailers before EVERY movie. One of the flaws to the “Extravaganza” LilZ and I can recite the “Garfield” trailer by heart now. Go on now…

The Previews

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I can not see that trailer enough. At first, when I heard Alfonso Cuaron was taking some creative liberties with the story? I was pissed. I thought – dont change it one bit you bastard – its perfect. But, those trailers really show a lot of the TRUE emotion behind the story – even if its not the exact story itself. I can NOT wait to see it. I get goosebumps every time I hear Daniel Radcliffe shout “Expecto Patronum!” at the end.

The Notebook I read the book. It was the first Nicholas Sparks book I read – and I loved it. I’ve read all his others hoping they’ll be as good – and they all were DREADFUL. So “The Notebook” is the ONLY Nicholas Sparks book I recommend to anyone. The previews? Made me cry. ALL three times. I want to see it.

Sleep Over They didnt give a release date for that one – but I want to see it – it looks VERY cute. Typical Teen-flick – but cute. And kind of original. Kinda.

Garfield I would rather eat Shit. Dog Shit. From someone else’s dogs. Than see that movie.

Raising Helen Looks cute. I love Joan Cusack and John Corbett (I grew to Love him during “Northern Exposure” not “Sex And The City”). I’ll rent it. Maybe.

A Cinderalla Story Too bad I boycott Hillary Duff now, because I like maybe kinda love Chad Michael Murray and the movie looks kinda rentable. But alas – it will never happen.

That Movie With J-Lo and Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon That I Thought Was Going To Be Really Freakin’ Stupid Until I Saw The Trailer And Now I Want To See It I cried during that preview too. It looks really good – I really hate saying that – but it DOES.

It is a damn good thing I was seeing funny movies yesterday or else I would have been in bad shape since I was crying through almost ALL the previews.

The Movies

Ella Enchanted
Rent it with your kids – but not good enough to watch on your own like some kids movies are. This movie was cute. It had the story line of Cinderella mixed with the characters from Shrek. Add in the modern day touches like was done in A Knights Tale and you have that movie. If I had NOT seen Shrek I might have been a tad bit more entertained. Some of it just seemed overdone though. It was a cute story though. Anne Hathaway does a great job as Ella. She even adds quite a bit of believable emotion to scenes that were a tad bit of a stretch in terms of plot. And her prince? He was played by Hugh Dancy and he did a good job too. Again – he acted well enough to blind you to some of the holes in the story itself. The movie lagged at times, but it was cute.

New York Minute
Rent it with or without kids. This was a little bit more humor to this movie. It had a tad bit more “grown-up” feel to it. It was still incredibly cheesy, campy and predicatable – but as long as you expect that – it is easy to look past it. Riley Smith played one of the “boy interests” and it was driving me CRAZY who he was the entire movie. After coming home and seeing him on IMDB, I saw it was “Eight Legged Freaks”. Yeah – thats embarassing admitting I saw THAT movie. Jared Padalecki played the role of the OTHER boy interest. Again – I spent the movie trying to decide what HE was from too. “Ring of Endless Light” was his big role. Yep – same movie I first saw Mischa Barton in. Okay – so obviously I spent a lot of the movie obsessing over where I had seen the actors before – but other than that – it was cute – and VERY short. Eugene Levy – annoying as hell – but he just annoys me in general. Update from 2020: I don’t remember disliking Eugene Levy! I love him now! I adore Schitt’s Creek! I’m so sorry for saying this! Andy Richter was funny for about 7.5 seconds. Then his character got really annoying. Overall – a cute renter better WITH kids, but okay without.

13 going on 30
GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW. I laughed my ASS off through the entire movie. I mean – I can not get over how good that movie was. I’m not going to say anything else – just GO SEE IT NOW. Thanks

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Movie Review”

  1. I’ll be first in line when Harry Potter comes out – in fact, I think there’s going to be a showing of the Sorcerer’s Stone and some preview of PoA on TV tonight – but nothing, NOTHING you say can convince me to see 13 Going On 30. In fact, most of these movies I’ll never end up seeing.

    But The Bourne Supremacy is another story! 😉

  2. Okay…your review of the previews was hiliarious and informative. I really, really, really, really, really want to see The Prisoner of Azkeban. I just finished reading it to Mady last night. I loved the book! The movie better live up to the book. And who is this Daniel person? I thought he was the real Harry Potter.

  3. 13 Going on 30 Was GREAT…and Mark Ruffalo…is such a cutie! I envy his wife…that movie rocked.

    I think Raising Helen looks great…but then again…I am a kate hudson fan.
    You didn’t like THE RESCUE by Sparks? I really liked that one.

    The Prisoner of Azkaban looks awesome…and it comes out next month…whoohooo!!!

  4. Oh I loved “13 going on 30” too!! Sooooo good! Anyway happy mothers day, Zoot! Luv yah! *hugs*

  5. 13 going on 30 was great, just as we all knew it would be. We are visionaries. I was highly impressed with Jennifer Garner. She did a great job. Maybe I’ll have to start watching Alias.

  6. I saw 13 going on 30 in a sneak preview with my sister. Yes I liked it. The music made the movie. I will be at the first showing I can get to of the next Harry Potter. The third book is my favorite of all the Harry Potter books so far which is why I most look forward to it. Why don’t you want to see Garfield?

  7. Happy Belated Mother’s Day, zootie! And I’m also waiting impatiently to see the new Harry Potter! Right now, I’m rereading the book so it’ll be fresh in my mind 🙂

    loved your other reviews, too!

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