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The First Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza

LilZoot and I celebrate Mother’s day the old fashioned way: With MOTHER DAY MOVIE EXTRAVAGANZA of course. We go to the theater for a full day of movie watching. Last year was the first year and we saw “The Hillary Duff Movie” “Holes” and “What a Girl Wants”.

This year we are seeing “13 going on 30” *happy dance* , “New York Minute” and “Ella Enchanted”. Trying to decide what order is tough. Do you go from good to crappy, or crappy to good?

9 thoughts on “The First Mother’s Day Movie Extravaganza”

  1. The OC finale? So. freakin’. BEST. And very, VERY sad. If you’re still sick and weepy, bring the tissues.

  2. Who I WANT to win Survivor and who I THINK SHOULD win Survivor are two different issues. I dig Rupert…always have. But in terms of playing the game? Rob’s doing the best job out there and probably deserves to win. So no, you’re not alone.

  3. Just popped over to check out your blog – nice place you have here. I agree with you on the Robfather and Amber. I think Rupert and Jenna made the HUGEST mistakes of their loves last night not sending Amber home while they ha the chance. Neither one of them is going to win a challenge. I predict Amber to be the sole survivor…

  4. Zoot I am totally with you– Rob and Amber have played a terrific game– though Lex did help them out quite a bit by taking out Ethan and Colby because Lex is SUCH and idiot (and then he screws himself by taking out Jerry–but don’t get me started on his pathetic mohawk and what an absurd developmentally challenged 13-yar old he is). And, has there EVER been a romace before?!! And theygot to see a movie together?!! Too wild– the real question is– will they stay together after and my guess is Rob is in love and Amber is using his ass and would never date, let alone marry the guy.

  5. Rob or Amber totally deserve to win Survivor this season. I’ve never seen a player that can convince the OTHER TEAM to send home one of their own and keep the “girlfriend” instead. And with just one short sentence uttered.

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