Best Medicine…

So, do you know what I learned last night? I learned that the BEST medicine one can take when feeling a bit under the weather is: A Pedicure by the Neighborhood kids! Woo! I mean – come on people – could life get any better than this? First though- I had to give all of them pedicures (this is actually a common occurrence in my home. The kids come over and I give them pedicures) so they would remember the procedure.

T and LilZoot loved it, of course. And their feet turned out so smooth and pretty. And really – could any 9yr old pedicure be complete without Homer Simpson slippers? I think not.

T and LilZoot weren’t the only ones who got pedicures. Ts sister RayRay got one too. Unfortunately for her, I suck at painting toe nails! I give a good foot massage, but the paint? Yeah – it would be kinda like if you told a 2yr old to do it. But actually – they’d probably do a better job.

But there is still one other person who I gave a pedicure to. Who could that be? Could it be the gloriously masculine MrZoot? I think so. My husband – who downs protein shakes and benches, like a gazillion pounds – likes to get his pedicures too! The hard part about MrZoots pedicures is the boy is DAMN tickleish. I mean – he screams. Really SCREAMS. Ask the kids. They were all laughing at him as he was screaming/laughing during the pumice scrub phase. I dont think I’ll ever actually take him to a salon – it would probably kill him.

Finally – it was MY turn. The boys took care of the pre-paint duties. They actually FOUGHT over who got to massage my feet. I mean – are you jealous yet? I had people fighting over who gets to massage my feet! They took good care of their sickly Momma/MissZoot.

And then RayRay painted my toenails a pretty shiny pink color. She did SUCH a good job. I think I may just make her paint them all the time. There was NO polish on the skin and I don’t think I could ever say that when I paint them myself.

So anyway – I’m up and moving again today. Going back to work (late) and hopefully all will be good with me and my shiny pink toenails. Who cares if there are animals sleeping on my head now?!

3 thoughts on “Best Medicine…”

  1. OMG! I am so totally ticklish too! I have to hold on to the arms of the chair, and concentrate, so I don’t kick the poor pedicurist. My Mom’s even more ticklish, and she won’t go to a place, she has me do it. She’s so ticklish that when we were kids, she would kick us (without meaning to) if we accidently touched her feet.

    PS Pretty Pink Toes!

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