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An Affair to TiVo.

Note from 2019. I’m slowly but surely updating the formatting of old posts and in doing so I’m skimming them to so I can delete unnecessary posts to clean up my database and this one just upsets me so much because I forgot I used to watch Apprentice and OMG…HOW IS THIS GUY OUR PRESIDENT NOW?

So, I’ve taken a LOVER. Or a LOVAH, it is my TiVo. Well, I have noticed, of late, that having an affair IS bad for a marriage, even when it is with a piece of electronics.

The first problem was when, a few days after the last new episode of Joan of Arcadia, I went to watch it on my TiVo, and it was GONE. It was DELETED. NADA. I freaked the EFF out. Joan was the reason I wanted TiVo to begin with because I had missed several episodes that MrZoot forgot to record for me. So – who is to blame? MrZoot, of course!
See…MrZoot has to set a Season pass for so many shows (Monster Garage, Monster House, Chappell, South Park…etc) that in order for it to have room for ALL of MrZoots shows, it had to delete MINE.

What? Thats not MrZoots fault? Yes it is – Shut Up! I have to blame someone. I know I should have changed the settings, but I didnt, and its GONE now. And that episdoe? Joan and Adam kissed again! And I missed it! So I blame MrZoot!

And Thursday? As Feisty Girl revealed, MrZoot STOPPED the recording of The Apprentice Finale. He stopped it. For Baseball. I was watching my CBS shows upstairs, and he SAYS that he thought I was watching NBC up there – so he stopped it and watched baseball (remember, you CAN watch something DIFFERENT than what you are recording. Why didnt MrZoot do THAT? I’ll never know…) Well – do you want to know how 28yr old ME handled it?

I cried. Fo’ Real. I cried. I yelled, I pouted, and I cried.

And then I filed for Divorce, as I told Feisty, on grounds of “Spousal Tivo Sabatoge”.

What? What did you say? That maybe I have an unhealthy TV addiction? That MAYBE I shouldnt take my TV so damn seriously? That when I CRY over missing a show that I should take that as an indication I take TV watching to an unhealthy level. You are siding with MrZoot?? I hate you. I’m divorcing you too.

*sob* I missed the FINALE people. the FINALE. *sob*

11 thoughts on “An Affair to TiVo.”

  1. You can record a show from TiVo onto video – it’s a option on there…

    By the way, we are also TiVo fanatics. I’ve had a couple of tiffs with the the husband that centered around it… but we’ve both learned the rules now.

  2. Now please keep in mind there are actually people in the world who don’t have TiVo. That would be me with major TiVo envy 🙂

    Can’t your password TiVo? Make it Mr. Zoot proof?

  3. I do feel your pain, Zoot…I swear I really, really do.

    Then there’s that small part of me way down deep inside that giggles…just for a minute. 🙂

  4. You guys are sick. in the head. seriously. please seek help. and leave me the TiVo while you are gone.


  5. Aw, I would have cried if I missed the Apprentice finale too. That was one damn good show.

    And to add insult to injury. Baseball? Baseball!? Sheesh, men have no priorities.

    There should be a recap up at TWoP in the next week or so. Not the same, but pretty damn close.

  6. On the plus side, it was the finale of a popular show – surely someone you know must have a copy? And I would have been pretty ticked too if someone had turned off a show I was recording.

  7. Definitely, very rude to turn off a show recording without asking first. It’s too bad you can Tivo-mail copies to other people, cause my Mom still has that episode on her Tivo.

  8. I totally understand, dear. We have what I like to call TiFaux — it came with our satellite, and is not as nifty as TiVo, but less expensive — and M was ALWAYS deleting my shows to make room for his car shows and hockey games. “What? I thought you’d watched that!” He also doesn’t appreciate that sometimes I like to watch things AGAIN. But dude. The Apprentice finale? That’s, like, justifiable homicide cause. Good thing he redeemed himself over the weekend!

    Also, Joan and Adam KISSED? And I MISSED it? Damn.

    Yeah, I know, but tv is one of my major distractors these days. I NEED it.

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