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100 Things About Zoot.

1. I was born on Bastille Day, 1975.

2. My parents divorced when I was 5 or 6 or so. I have almost ZERO memories of them being together. I was raised by my Dad. Saw Mom on the weekends.

3. Went to Catholic school for 12 years.

4. My house had NO air conditioning and 2 heaters. One weak ass baseboard heater, and one old as HELL coil heater. We would fight over who got to sit on the coil heater to defrost our ASSES in the winter. Lesson Learned: Blue Jeans Heat up quickly and will burn your buttflesh if you are not careful.

5. Kids at my day care used to call me pizza face. Bastards.

6. I shaved the bottom half of my head when I was in High School. I didnt let it grow out until 1999. I totally miss it being like that.

7. I have 3 tatoos.

8. My husband has 4.

9. I took my son with me to get the last one (it has his name hidden in it). After hearing me say “Please wait in the lobby b/c Mommy has to say some dirty words” he decided he probably wont get one when he grows up.

10. I get carsick.

11. I am addicted to shoes and purses. But, I shop at Target so it doesnt really break the bank.

12. I am also addicted to Target.

13. Oh, and Diet Coke – TOTALLY addicted to Diet Coke.

14. My fingernails are super-ugly. I dont even bite them. They just suck.

15. My first love gave me a MOONIE for my Sweet Sixteen. I was a tad disappointed – dreaming of course of professions of love with jewelry and mixed tapes. He dumped my ass a short time later – I kinda saw that coming.

16. My brother LOVES that story.

17. He makes me tell it ALL the freakin’ time. It cracks him UP.

18. I love butterflies. Just look at my tattoos.

19. My first concert was Michael Jackson – Thriller.

20. I have a tendency to mimic my friends language and behavior. I am not a stalker, just impressionable.

21. My Dad took my bro and I on a cross-country camping trip during the summer of 1990. I am VERY proud of that fact. I brag about it a lot.

22. My maternal grandmother – Mo – was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.

23. I used to hate Christmas until I became a Mom. Then I found the joy of it.

24. I type the right way.

25. My best friend as a kid had parents were wonderful, beautiful role models. All of my ideas of how a two-parent family works, are from her home. I never got a chance to tell EITHER Of them that before they passed away. I kinda wish I had.

26. I have pretty feet. People tell me that a lot, or else I might have NEVER known because I dont think much of them.

27. My favorite movie as a teen was Pump Up the Volume.

28. My first music purchase was the Soundtrack to “Lost Boys”

29. I took my son to a Grateful Dead concert when he was 7 months old (I was 19 years old). Jerry Garcia died a month later.

30. I have also taken him to see Bob Dylan and the Indigo Girls. And COUNTLESS small, local shows. As long as its outside, I’ll take him.

31. My husband and I have completely different tastes in music. Although, after 4 years, we at least appreciate each others music.

32. I hated the movie Raising Arizona

33. My son loves the band “Poison”. For REAL. He LOVES them. (Edit from 2005: This isn’t true anymore. sigh)

34. I love buying new pens. If you know one I should try, let me know.

35. My most embarrassing moment involves becoming a “woman”, my Dad’s girlfriend wanting to celebrate that, a lobster hat, and a polaroid.

36. Or maybe it’s the time I fell across the finish line at a city-wide track meet while struggling to come in SECOND TO LAST as opposed to LAST.

37. Or maybe it’s the time I fell crossing the basketball court wearing dress shoes (DAMN YOU DRESS SHOES!) in front of a chunk of my high school and my boyfriend.

38. I fell in love with my husband’s biceps first, his mind second. I’m not ashamed to admit that.

39. That makes me sound terribly shallow. I am not normally shallow though, if you knew his biceps, you’d understand.

40. My mother survived a ruptured aneurysm in July 2001. She now has 14 titanium coils in her brain, as well as 2 tubes draining CS fluid. You would NEVER know it though, she made a FULL recovery. She ROCKS.

41. I had to file a grievance against a professor once for grabbing my ass.

42. I changed my major 6 times before I graduated with my General Biology degree. I then went back to college for a Professional Geography degree.

43. I use big words wrong a lot. I am sorry.

44. I tend to hide behind humor and sarcasm.

45. I hope, someday, to be able to tell a few famous celebrities how much they inspire me. Among them are: Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kathy Najimy. Please tell them if you see them for me.

46. I didnt adopt political beliefs until AFTER I got divorced.

47. Today, my ex-husband and I have OPPOSITE beliefs.

48. I have NO idea what that says about either of us.

49. I am always battling with my weight.

50. I spell the word “Teusday” wrong all the time. I think it looks better MY way.

51. I know very few grammar rules. I barely use the ones I know.

52. That said, at one time in college, I was an English Major.

53. My High School English teacher actually LAUGHED at me for that. Which was totally encouraging.

54. I love to read popular fiction.

55. I listen to Top 40 radio stations. (Edit from 2005: Not anymore!)

56. I lose at least 6 pairs of sunglasses a year.

57. I got pregnant at 18, married the father at 19, split from the father at 23, met Mr. Zoot at 24, married him at 28.

58. People tell me I don’t look my age. They are on crack.

59. I don’t even get carded for beer anymore. That kinda makes me sad.

60. I have 7 holes on my left ear and 3 on my right. I still keep earrings in all of them.

61. Why? Because Blossom was my idol.

62. When MrZ and I married in 10/2003, I made my OWN wedding cakes, out of Krispy Kreme Donuts. I dont like cake that much, so why pay a gagillion dollars for one, when for 60 I could make a cake I WOULD love.

63. Target’s Bakery made me icing flowers to put on my donut cake. The day I went by to explain what I wanted? The bakers were so hysterical over the idea of a donut cake that one of them had to HIDE in the FREEZER because he couldnt stop laughing.

64. I actually did almost everything for my wedding.

65. I wanted it to be my DREAM wedding because the first one, although BIG, was not my doing.

66. So, I wanted my wedding with MrZ to be all I had dreamed. And it was.

67. We took LilZ on our honeymoon and called it our FamilyMoon.

68. LilZ walked with me and my Dad down the aisle.

69. I could TOTALLY talk about my wedding all day. I’ll save that though.

70. My husband and I graduated with the SAME degree, and the SAME college internships, and applied for the SAME jobs. Even now, I call him for help.

71. MrZ’s job requires security clearance. (Edit from 2005: Not anymore.) He actually has to “ZootProof” his office before I come by.

72. One of my best friends from High School teaches at our old school now. WITH some of our old teachers. She calls them by their first names though. That kinda freaks me out a little because I feel like she’s breaking some sort of rule doing that.

73. We took LilZ to Las Vegas in June 2002. We camped at Lake Mead, and then stayed at Circus Circus. It rocked.

74. I don’t make left turns on any road other than back roads without a light. Seriously. It drives my husband bananas.

75. I don’t swim very well at all. Open water scares me.

76. I don’t ride bikes well either.

77. I was a vegetarian for 6 years. Not any more though. I wish I were, but I am too freakin’ lazy.

78. I was a vegan for 9 months. It made me lactose-intolerant, mildly.

79. My Dad is totally my Idol.

80. I love Entertainment Weekly. My friend bought me a subscription to it for Christmas one year, I’ve kept it up ever since. I also love Newsweek. Does that things even out a bit?

81. I love cheesy romantic comedies and cheesy action flicks.

82. I bought the Justin Timberlake “Justified” CD for myself.

83. I used to drink Cosmopolitans because I thought it made me look cute.

84. I thought people who ate Sushi were just trying to be “cool” until I ate Sushi. Man, that stuff is good.

85. I am mildly obsessed with home decorating shows. I do NOT own my own home yet.

86. YET. {Edited to add: I now, as of 4/15/05, DO own a home. Finally.}

87. I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with Harry Potter and have been for years.

88. LilZ and I actually had our family portraits made wearing Harry Potter T-shirts, and with the books, and our Scabbers doll, as props. Yes, our family PORTRAITS.

89. I was at the book store at Midnight, 6-21-03 to get Book 5. My friend and I started reading around 1am, after putting the kids to bed, and did NOT stop until we finished the next day.

90. I dyed my hair black in 1997. All because of aforementioned “friend”. She talked me into it. I liked it for about 2 days. 3 months, and almost 200 dollars later, it was FINALLY all gone.

91. More often than not? My hair is dyed red. Naturally? Its dirty blonde. I think.

92. I’ve never been out of the country.

93. I love living where I do. I didn’t think I would, but I REALLY do. Its not typical Alabama, like the town I lived in for 7 years BEFORE.

94. I have naturally curly hair which I NEVER wash. It is NEVER oily because it is so freakin’ dry. The only time its washed is when I get it trimmed because I am afraid the person will think I’m gross if I say “please don’t wash my hair, just condition it”.

95. I love Southern Cuisine.

96. I met Ty and Frank from Trading Spaces in 2002. Frank has a picture of He and my son. He was very proud of it when we gave it to him.

97. I was voted most changed at my 10-yr reunion. (Edit from 2019: I am going through old entries checking formatting and a lot of this list is embarrassing to me now but this one required a comment. I mentioned this in another entry I edited from this year and I have NO MEMORY OF THIS AT ALL. I mean, obviously I was proud of it because I mentioned it in 2 different entries but I do NOT remember it. It’s kinda embarrassing that I cared about this “vote” so much I keep mentioning it on my blog. But I’m glad I didn’t care enough about it to remember it 15 years later!)

98. I have alienated and pissed off WAY MORE people than I have befriended.

99. That kinda makes me sad.

100. But not really. (Edit from 2019: Kim from 2004, you’re trying too hard. Stop.)

4 thoughts on “100 Things About Zoot.”

  1. surprisingly, not too many surprises.

    that junkieB will get you into some trouble, if you let her. NEVER, ever, ever take hair advice from junkieB. although, if it makes you feel better, i did exact lasting revenge once. i’ll show you the pictures . . .

  2. i was going to leave the typical “you sound a lot like me” or “wow, sounds like we could be friends comment” but…

    OMG!! you met Ty!!!!

    yup, i am shallow, what can i say? great list.

  3. erm..you lurve pens? Try the Sensa (if you haven’t alreday). Seems Target has one line..tho they’ll set you back fifty bucks or so.

    Nice and smooshy when you’re stressed..awesome site!!

  4. You should totally check out the Papermate Liquid Espresso pen. It’s fabulous – as is your blog, so glad I stumbled across it!

    Great List!

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