My Husband Achieves Greatness

As a child, I was prone to VERY severe headaches. I realized as an adult that they were migraines. My father did not take us to the doctor every time we were slightly ill like parents do today – so no one ever prescribed anything or told me about migraine triggers. Therefore – I was left to deal with the vice grip on my skull without the use of modern medicine.

Well, the best remedy was my fathers head rubs. Its funny, my mom even talks about his head rubs being the things she missed the most after they split up. So – it wasnt just me – he cured mom’s sinus headaches as well. When he was unable to administer said head rubs – I would wrap my hair around my bed posts and pull in order to try to relieve the pain. THAT is how severe they were.

I’ve come to realize two things about those headrubs as an adult.

#1 – I dont know how my dad would do it for hours until I would fall asleep. When E gets headaches, I try the patented Papaw head rub, to no avail. The technique, I execute fine, but my FINGERS. Oh my sweet Jesus! After 5 minutes my fingers cramp so bad I’m in tears and need medication for MY pain. That man – my father – is not made of the same stuff the rest of us are – I tell you that.

#2 – No man has ever come CLOSE to relieving my headaches with a head rub. No where close. So, I’ve befriended Advil, and most headaches fade after a few of those little orange pills.

I couldn’t take any Advil last night because my stomach was uneasy. This is often the case. However, I do still get headaches periodically, so I just whine and moan and cry until they go away. My husband and son LOVE that. Well, last night, as I was in bed about to fall asleep, a headache hit. I started whining IMMEDIATELY.

Zoot – My HHHEEEEAAAAYYYYAAADDDD hhhuurrrrttttss.

Donnie – I’m sorry baby, is there anything I can do?
(This is the typical song and dance for us)

Zoot – NNNNoooo, all I want is to go to sleeepppp because I’m so ttttiiiiirrrrreeeeeddd. Whine Whine Whine. Moan Moan Moan.

Then – Donnie started rubbing my head in an “I’m getting rid of that headache if its the LAST thing I do” kind of frenzy. I swear – it was like I heard angels singing as the vice grip loosened from my skull with the magic touch of his strong fingers. It was like an out of body experience it was so wonderful. He made my headache go away. With his hands! I truly did marry the right man!

So – I think I may get another headache tonight…