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Krispy Kreme Donut Wedding Cake

This post is for the gazillion Google hits I got on my old blog for people searching for “Krispy Kreme Donut Cakes”.

Donut Cake

So This? Is my wedding cake. Yes. It’s made out of Krispy Kreme Donuts. Yes. A Krispy Kreme Donut Wedding Cake. The outer layer are powdered donuts to give the “white” appearance, but all the inner ones? Glazed, Baby. Because those? Are like bits of heaven, in the form of little rings. Most importantly? People talked about it all night long and they are STILL talking about it.

See? I wasn’t about to spend 800 plus dollars on a cake I wouldn’t eat, because I don’t eat cake. I mean – I eat cake – but I prefer various other desserts. LIKE DONUTS. (Is a donut a dessert? Let’s pretend it is.) I stumbled upon something somewhere that referenced a wedding cake made out of stacked Krispy Kremes. This sounded like a dream “cake” to me. So? I made one myself.

ALL total? It took about 30 minutes to make and cost about 100 dollars, stand and all. I bought the tiers for the stand at Michael’s and bought the cake topper at Wal-Mart. I just ordered enough donuts to stack on the tiers and asked them to send me a bag of powdered sugar to sprinkle around the outside since I new the sugar would come off the donuts as I stacked them.

Finally? The I went to the Target bakery and asked for 50 froze icing flowers in lavender. I used a butter knife to slide them off the sheet and onto my cake tiers to add a sort of decoration so it wasn’t just donuts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

It was the perfect solution for our tight-budget and unique wedding. It is also very cool to be able to say that I had a donut cake at my wedding. In case you were wondering the real motivation.

Oh – and if you see a few chocolate glazed donuts in there? It is because we didn’t order enough glazed and had to use the donuts from the groom’s cake, which my hubby picked out.

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  1. I’m throwing a baby shower for a friend who loves Krispy Kreme donuts and I would like to make her a cake out of them. Could you tell me how you did your wedding cake? It looks great.

  2. Please help me make the wedding cake of my dreams:) In spirit of Halloween my fiance and I wish to have a donut wedding cake with an apple cider fountain:) please respond:) thanks.Ila

  3. My best friend Christine would love a Krispy Kreme wedding cake for her wedding shower. I do not want to spend a lot of money and the cake does not have to be big as there will be lots of other foods at the shower. Help!!!

  4. My fiance loves donuts and wants to have a donut cake for his grooms cake. Please let me know how I could have our cake maker make this wonderful cake for us. Thanks.

  5. That’s great! Our wedding cake is included in our reception price but Killer LOVES LOVES LOVES Krispy Kreme. I think he would marry them if they could give consent. He makes me sing a Krispy Kreme song everytime I accidently bang his big ass Camero door on another car when getting out. It would be great to surprise him with a Groom’s cake of Krispy Kreme. Any pics or instruction ideas? Thanks.

  6. I had NO IDEA! OMG that’s so ingenious! If it wern’t for the fact that we’re getting married in Scotland and arn’t having a recpetion. Oh, wait we’ll be having a reception when we get back to the states! Maybe I DO need to know how to do this.

  7. Hello there Genius idea bout the Krispy Creme Cake. I have a friend who is getting married and she has extremely sentimental attachment to krispy creme donuts and would like a wedding cake made out of them I would greatly appreciate you emailing me how you went about it.


  8. I just found this online – awesome!!!

    I want to have the groom’s cake be Krispy Kreme as well. (Of course I will be eating some too!!)

    Suggestions, ideas, info. would be much appreciated.

    I am going to call the KK in Phoenix to see what they say.

    I am guessing if I just buy a few dozen donuts and assemble it myself it would cost less..


  9. Wow! A donut cake looks so cool and original. My wedding is in June and takes on 2 themes: Western and Beach (my future husband is an avid fisherman and we will be fishing in a tournament during our honeymoon). I am looking for something unique, inexpensive, simple and will leave our guests talking about it for days to follow. Our topper is a pelican perched upon a log in the sea with a picture of us on both sides. Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch!

  10. You’re cake is beautiful. My fiance and I were thinking of doing something similar. We’d want to just keep it simple with mabe some powered sugar and a few flowers for decoration. Any information you could give to help us would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much,

  11. Your cake was beautiful. i would like to do one for my sons graduation brunch. do you have any suggestions or directions on how you held it together or a pattern you used? i live in a small town where good food is only a myth. please just gimmie a few pointers.

    thank you

  12. My son wants a KK birthday cake… he will be 8… he had one when he was 5, but we moved and this local KK doesn’t make birthday cakes… can you tell me how you assembled it? I’ll try to make one myself… I only rmember that they told me to layer the heavier donuts on the bottom…. do I need to use icing to help them stick together???

  13. Want to make a Krispy Kreme cake for my son who’ll be seven in a couple of weeks. Seems like a great thing to do as he is not a cake person, so why spend the $$$ on something that he doesn’t like. (finally getting hip to this!) Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Hi. I have been looking for a wedding cake but dont eat cake either. But I am crazy about krispy kremes. Would love to know how to do it

  15. I love the donut cake idea.. my son is graduating from the police acadamy and I would love to make him a donut cake to celebrate!

  16. I am wanting to do a doughnut cake for my daughters Birthday. I would love tips on how to make one. I would probably simplify it a bit, since it is not as formal of an occasion. Thanks for any help. You did an amazing job.

  17. I love the idea of a donut cake. Can you please let me know how you did it and what you used to hold it all together?

  18. Hi, I would love to get more info on how you made your cake, as I am thinking about something similar for my wedding. Thank you!

  19. Hi there, OMG i love love ur cake! myself and my fiance LOVE KK, and this is our dream cake!!! we are also on a tight budget and really cant spend a lot on cake that no one will eat!!! but a DONUT cake OMG!
    any help you could email me would be soooooo amazing and we would be so grateful!
    This has made my day!!!!!! am sooo happy! what an amazing idea! I loooove it!

  20. OMG!!! that is so kool. for my wedding i will want something spectacular and my family isn’t big on cake but they do love donuts.

  21. Hi I am getting married in April and need help making sure I build my cake right because me nor my fiancee like cake so we opted for the donuts. Could you give me some help/advice?? Thanks in advance!!

  22. I have been interested in trying to create a Krispy Kreme Cake for my future daughter-in-law’s shower. Unfortunately, the newest Krispy Kreme store has closed down, but I believe that a supermarket nearby sells them by the box. Could you please share how you set up the stands and displayed the donuts? It would be a great treat to be able to do this for such a sweet girl. Thank you for your help in this matter!

  23. Hi,
    I have been thinking for a while about the krispy creme cake and would love the info on how you made yours.
    Coudl you e-mail me pictures and information?


  24. I have a baby shower this weekend and I would love if you could get back to me with pictures, I could not see them and maybe some instructions. My sister in law has been living at Krispy Kreme and I thought she would love this.

  25. Hi 🙂

    I have a wedding in TWELVE days!! I’d love to have a Krispy Kreme wedding cake! Please, please get back with me! We’re having a casual wedding at an antebellum mansion in Mississippi where we live. I just want something DIFFERENT!!


  26. Our son is getting married the end of June and we wanted to make a Groom cake for him. Our son loves kripsy kreme doughnuts and we thought what a great idea. His bride to be steered us in this direction.

  27. Hi there!

    I would love to know how you constructed your donut wedding cake as we are hoping to do the same in August of this year. Thanks for your help! Your little girl is so beautiful!


  28. My neice just told me she would like a donut cake at her wedding to surprise the groom. Any help would be great! She tagged me to make it, and I have never seen a donut cake. Thanks, Jackie

  29. my son will be 8. he loves kk donuts. need a small kk cake please send directions

  30. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me in on how you made this beautiful and yummy cake! My groom wants only one thing in the wedding and it’s a krispy kreme cake! I MUST make it for him but i don’t even know where to begin! PLEASE HELP!


  31. I have been looking everywhere to find directions to make a KK cake. I am so excited I found your site, please send me the directions and pictures so I can make a KK cake for my best friend’s bridal shower. I am doing a breakfast at Tiffany’s theme and think this could the perfect touch!!!

    Thanks so much 🙂

  32. Please send me the Krispy Creme cake receipe. My
    niece wants one for her bridal shower.
    Many thanks!!


  34. Gotta know how you did this! I’m making one myself for my wedding in 2 months, and I need tips!! Thanks

  35. I was so excited to come across your site. My daughter is getting married in September and she wants a donut cake. I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to decide how to make it, so it still is “wedding like”. Please send me a picture of your cake and the instructions for putting it together. Thanks!!

  36. My daughter is graduating from high school but was home schooled. Since we are sooo proud of her and this is such a special graduation, we would love to make her a krispy kreme donut cake. This is all she has been talking about for weeks now. Your site is wonderful; I was hoping you could help me. Is it possible for you to e-mail me some pics and explain how you put this together without it falling apart?
    Thanks so much for artistic people!:)

  37. Hi, please could you send me a photo of your donut cake and tell me how many donuts you used. I,m doing one for my nieces 18th birthday on saturday and would be extremely grateful for some advise. many thanks jacqui

  38. Wow! What a great idea.
    Could you please send me more pics of the cake and approximately how many donuts you used? My son turns 5 next week and LOVES donuts! This will be great. Thanks so much.

  39. Love this idea and glad I found your site but the photo isn’t showing. Would you please email me a photo – or photos! so I can see it. I’m thinking of having doughnut centrepieces on the tables at my birthday party and therefore would like to know how they would all stay together in a pile? Does the frosting just stick to the next doughnut or is there some clever way to avoid them collapsing! Any help you can offer a novice such as myself would be much appreciated!! Thank you. Jodie

  40. This is a GREAT idea! Could you please send pics and directions. I need to make a “cake” for someone who hates cake and this would really fit the bill. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

  41. hi,
    I would love to have a Krispy Kreme birthday cake for my husband’s 40th birthday. Could you tell me how to make it?


  42. I am searching for a donut cake for the son of one of my co-workers. I think I found the right site !!! If you posted a picture, all I see on my computer is a small box with a red x inside it. Would you please email me a picture or more, and the instructions before this weekend, if possible. His b-day is this coming Saturday. Thanks so much.
    Deb Abernathy
    Fort Worth, TX

  43. I am trying to find a way to make my soon to be 5 year old daughter a Doughnut birthday cake. Poor kid she loves doughnuts and I think If I would let her thats all she would eat. I could not see the picture and did not see any directions on how to go about making it. If you could please email me with directions that would be great!! Thanks
    Balitmore, MD

  44. do you have a recipe for krispy kreme donuts?. i live in scotland and there is no stores here at all. i love this product and would be very greatfull if you could help me out with this problem.

  45. Hi- I am planning a “Bridal Breakfast” and would like to make a doughnut cake. Please tell me how. Thanks!

  46. We are doing a Dunkin Donuts cake for our wedding. I can’t imagine there will be too many differences construction wise so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  47. Hi, I’m writing an article about wedding cake alternatives. I’d like to chat with you about your donut cake if you are available. Thanks!

  48. Please send me any info on making doughnut cakes that you have available.

  49. Hi. I can see you have a ton of posts asking how to make a Krispy Kreme Donut cake. I want to make it for the Grooms cake.

    Also can you include a picture in the email? There is no picture on the post.


  50. Hello,

    My fiance and I saw this on a food show on TV. We’ll be getting married in September and he keeps saying our cake will be made out of doughnuts. He just loves the idea. Little does he know, I want to make his groom’s cake out of doughnuts. Can you give me instructions on how to make this? Also I was unable to view the picture.


  51. Please tell me how to make a KK cake. Am giving a bridal shower for my daughter’s half-sister and she LOVES KK. I haven’t checked with the local KK but I’d rather make it mayself, anyhow. Thanks for your help.

    Leslie, Pensacola

  52. Hi! My fiance wants a Krispy Kreme groom’s cake SO bad! Could you please send me info. about how you made your cake? Thank you!!!

  53. I have my son’s 10th birthday coming up and he loves doughnuts. Could you please send me a picture and details on how you made it.

    Thanks in advance.

  54. We are having a pig pickin / oyster roast and would love to add a Krispy Kreme cake for 200… Can you send me a picture and tell me how you did it?

    Thank you!

  55. Hey,
    My 2 year olds loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts…and would love a doughnut cake for his birthday can you send me a picture and directions of how you made your cake. His birthday is in a month any help would be appreciated!!


  56. please send pics if you can, i would like to make a small (25 people) cake for a baby shower. can’t wait to hear from you.

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