Domestic Me


Its that time of year for my house, when I go through all of the “storage” and purge all of items that I forgot we had or that we haven’t used in more than a year. I mean, I am a one-woman “Clean Sweep Team”. However, this year – I am doing a much more thorough job of it than I usually do. Donnie is finally coming around and seeing the light and finally letting me get rid of those items he’s been holding onto forever. Like the broken TV that he bought “with his OWN money” when he was 10. He’s letting me trash that. I love him for it. And let me tell you…

It feels sooooo goood. Seriously.

I have a huge pile of garbage growing in the spare bedroom/study/junk room. I think this morning it actually grew to take up more space than the stuff in the room that BELONGS there. When I throw that pile away?  THAT will be the epitome of joy for an anal-retentive, obsessive compulsive, perpetual organizer like me. Try it, seriously.

I mean – I go to friend’s or family’s homes who may not be as obsessed with compartmentalization as I am, and I stare at their closets, or piles of “stuff” and dream about taking care of it myself. When mom was hospitalized in 2002, I cleaned her apartment top to bottom and it was AWESOME. If I can’t think of a use for an object in the next year, it is GONE. I am not a minimalist like my dad and brother, I just like to be organized. EVERYTHING Has its place.

I have severe issues. But – if you need a closet organized or a basement cleaned – call me – I’d probably pay YOU for the entertainment.

Note from 2019: I’m going back through old entries to make them compatible with the updated system and when I found this post it CRACKED ME UP. Kim of 2004 had no idea what the years 2015-2018 would have in store for her in terms of getting rid of clutter!