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Zoot Snaps Out Of It

Ever since I read this entry I’ve been thinking a lot about how few pictures we have with me in them. I often joke that my kids will think I was an absentee mother since I’m not in the photos of any of our adventures. Part of this is because I’m carrying the camera, but the other part is because I truly hate photos of me. This has always been true but much more so as I am still working to get my running body back. When I see pictures of myself I can only think, “Gah. Still more weight to lose.”

But Miz Booshay makes some of the most excellent points:

1. In five years you will look five years older….you WILL look young in the pictures you take today!

2. Ten years ago I thought I was fat. Oh my goodness….I should have taken pictures THEN.

3. Your children look at you all day long. THEY know what you look like. They won’t care how you look in the picture.

I keep telling myself these three things over and over because I want to make sure my kids have pictures of us together from ALL ages. Not just those few years where I may have had the perfect body. Someday they’ll cherish them like I cherish pictures of my Dad. So, I’ve accepted her challenge. And sacrificing my dignity in the process.

Takin' a hit to my ego for entertainment purposes
Thanks to LilZ and my brother for documenting my mad hoola-hooping skillz.

So, are you going to snap out of it?

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  1. I know, I read that entry too and decided to try to be in more pictures. These are great, but I especially love love LOVE the last one! I’d frame it.

  2. Aww! These are great photos! I know we all see ourselves differently to how the world sees us… but you look fine. Happy to be with your kids, and you DON’T look fat at all!!!

    The last picture is stunning.

  3. Thanks for this entry!

    I am a “new” mom of a 4 months old, taking a million zillion pictures of him and a reasonable amount of the baby and his dad – but there are only a handful existing of him and me.

    It is also because I am the one behind the camera, but I could easily ask my husband to take some. So, to be honest, it is the same with me. I feel uncomfortable the way I look right now but you are so right! I will regret not having more pictures of him and me, and he will probably also.

    Those are great pictures! And very encouraging. =)

  4. I read that also. Then a few days later I handed my oldest the camera (and prayed she wouldn’t break it). She took good photos of me & her baby sister. Then dad took some of us. I might have 10 of me actually in them from the past 8 years. That is going to change, though it is difficult. I think my issue is mainly giving up control of my camera. LOL!

  5. Thank you for this post. I needed to read it…and now need to live it, too. BTW, you look stunning. Happy and beauitful and stunning.

  6. The last picture is incredible! This post was a wake up call for me. I’m forever joking about the kids wondering where I was while they were growing up. Going home today and giving the camera to my 6 year old. Thanks! : D

  7. I have been lurking here for ages and never commented, but I just wanted to tell you that these pictures are so gorgeous! I’m getting a little teary seeing how happy you and NikkiZ look together (I’m pregnant though, so getting me teary is *maybe* a little easier than normal).
    But really, you will be so glad that you have these! They are just so, so beautiful.

  8. I want to ‘snap out of it’ badly…but being a single mom makes it hard. I finally bought a tripod, so maybe that will help. I really just need a trained photographer monkey to follow me around…plus it would be cool to have a monkey.

  9. those are GREAT pics!! I used to think the same thing, and yes there are pictures now that I HATE of myself. But one day, I just started taking pictures of myself (getting to be a master at the self portrait) and now I can’t STOP!!

  10. I love this. My mother in law just passed away from breast cancer last week and my husband said it is amazing how few pictures there are of her or them together.

    For instance they went a family vacation to see the Bad Lands or Grand Canyon (some place out west like that) and he said almost all the photos were of scenary, none of them or her.

    I know I am always the one behind the camera because when I see photos of myself I pick myself apart (fat, double chin, bad outfit) and I control the camera so I delete everything of me! The truth is WHO CARES!

    Love the Hula hoop shots!

  11. I’m REALLY TRYING to. I always hate the way I look in pictures, unless the picture looks the way I imagine I look, which is rare. (That’s the kind of photo I use when I need a headshot.) But I generally like OLD photos of me, and I’m glad to have them, so I’m trying to just not look directly at the new photos of me so I won’t delete them. Also, I figure that everyone in my family loves me and (unfortunately) recognizes me as I ACTUALLY LOOK, so I guess I’d better allow that to be documented so my descendants will be able to figure out who’s who in the old photos.

  12. I love the last shot sooooo much! Your faces! So happy! What a great pic that will be for you kids to look back on!

    You look beautiful~

    I need to get a decent camera… then I will snap out of it. What Christina said really hits home. When you look back at any old family vacation shots the scenery pictures are BORING! The people, gots to have pics of the people!

  13. These are so, so wonderful. And your point is well-taken. There aren’t many photos of me with the Buddha, and that’s just tragic. Looking at these, I can tell how precious these will be to your daughter in future years. My daughter needs some of those as well.

  14. Firstly? I’m totally not getting my comment emails which bugs me because I hate replying in the comments and NOT via email. BAH.

    Secondly? The reason why these pictures struck the cord with me is because the best one we used at Dad’s memorial, the one everyone mentioned, was one I had of him laughing. We should all be remembered laughing, don’t you think?

  15. Beautiful shots! So inspirational. Tomorrow I am handing over my camera to someone else to take pictures of ME and my baby.

  16. I occasionally take some self portraits with my kids because I worry they will think they were orphans growing up. But I really hate photos of myself these days. I need to get over it.

  17. I just had a friend tell me I take a lot of pictures and then said her kids will never remember what she ever looked like………. so funny you should mention it…. when my mom passed away there were very few pictures of her because she hated her picture being taken….. she had her picture taken at glamour shots a month before she died and she loved them, I swore from that day forward there would be tons of pictures.

  18. You are gorgeous!! You need to be in tons of pics!

    I’m trying to snap out of it. Just last week, my son and I laid down on the floor and took some self portraits of ourselves. It was fun, and even though I didn’t have on makeup and my hair hadn’t been fixed, I looked pretty because I was happy. I need to remember that more often.

  19. I think you look great! (Your adorable children don’t just come from your husband, you know…)

  20. beautiful as always, girl. and AWESOME to get to see some pix of MY GIRL who i love and miss so very much!

  21. I definitely need to snap out of it. There are very few photos of me at any age. It is rather sad.

    You look fabulous.

  22. Those pictures are awesome. You look like you’re having so much fun.

    I’d actually love to be in more pictures, because I know the secret to getting good pictures is to take hundreds of shots to get a good few. However, my husband just does not think like a photographer and even though I’ve begged him to just pick up one of my many cameras and take pictures, he never thinks of it unless I give him a direct command to “take a picture right now.” Ugh.

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