YouTube Geeks Girls I Love.

I love people who get excited about things that excite me – Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Science, Web Design, Math, Pumpkin Baked Goods…the usual. There are some YouTube Rockstar Women (“Rockstar” by my own standards, not necessarily by traditional standards) who do these great videos about any one of the topics that I love and it occurred to me today: Not only do these women inspire me, but I really want them to some day inspire my daughter. These are the girls I want my daughter looking up to: They’re smart, they’re funny, they’re creating wonderful things on the internet and sharing their excitement, their knowledge, and their joy with the world.


Vi Hart – the first YouTuber I “subscribed” to before I even understood how to subscribe. Hell, before I even understood how YouTube worked. I do word blogging, people, not video blogging. It took me awhile to understand YouTube. DON’T JUDGE ME. She makes math SO FUN and SO INTERESTING. I squee like a school girl whenever she uploads new videos.

Karen Kavett is a designer who does amazing videos about everything from graphic design, to building resumes, to decorating her video backgrounds. She even does crafts! Her videos are basically my Pinterest boards in video form. I adore them.

And lastly? My newest Geek Girl obsession? Emily Grasslie from The Brain Scoop. When Hank Green first introduced her on his trip to her museum I totally adored her, and then? He did the best thing ever. HE GAVE HER A YOUTUBE CHANNEL OF HER OWN. And her videos are informative and fun and she’s fantastically entertaining, EVEN WHEN TALKING ABOUT DEAD ANIMALS. And that, is a REAL skill.

So, I’ll keep watching these girls and their YouTube channels and I’ll show them to my daughter and hope these are the kind of women she looks up to as she grows up. Because, I look up to them now, and they inspire me to create more, learn more, and geek out more.

And you’re never to old to be inspired.