I am supposed to be running the Women’s Half Marathon in Nashville this morning. But even COOLER than that, I was supposed to be meeting a blog friend for the FIRST TIME and running with her. This is June’s first half-marathon and I really hate I couldn’t run this with her. It was such a cool story to tell people and it would have been easy to pass the time talking to someone I’d never met before.

My thoughts are with her today as she accomplishes something SO HUGE that she’s worked SO HARD for. I’m also thinking about all of my local friends going without me.

Best of luck to you all!


  • June

    A million, billion thanks for this, Kim! I saw this as I was getting ready this morning and it made me tear up. Well – I made it! I don’t know my official time yet but I think I finished right about 2:45. The first 10 miles went by quickly but the last 3 were a challenge! But I finished upright & smiling so that’s all that counts! Thanks again for your good thoughts, that really motivated me 🙂