Why I Think Everyone Should Use Gmail

I do a LOT of emailing in my life. Sometimes from work, sometimes through my blog, and a LOT of times with my volunteering gigs. I have decided that everyone should use Gmail, thereby making their own lives easier. I’ve come to this conclusion due to how many times I’ve thought, “I’m SO glad I have Gmail!” and to how many times I’ve thought, “I wish that person had Gmail.” With this being said, there are a number of Google alternatives that you can use if Gmail is not for you. An example of this is Tutanota, which is a secure email system and can be accessed through a web browser or through an app for iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire. Be sure to do your research in these alternatives if this is something that sounds of interest.

  • ARCHIVES. Gmail does not delete your emails. It archives them. So, no matter how unimportant you thought that email was 3 years ago, it’s still there in case you one day need it. You have NO idea how many times I avoid harassing someone for information, or for a file they’ve already sent me, all because of the archives. Especially when someone emails me a file and I download it on my desktop mac, but then a few weeks later I need it again but I’m on my laptop at Panera. What do I do? Search the archives and download it again. And I’m always searching my archives for stuff from over a year ago and it’s always relatively easy to find.
  • FREEDOM TO CHANGE YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER. If you are using Comcast or Knology as your email, you will always hesitate switching services, EVEN IF THE OTHER SERVICE IS BETTER. Over the last 8 or so years that I’ve been using Gmail, I’ve had to switch internet a few times. Either to save money, or to adapt to a changing infrastructure or a move. I never had to worry about my email.
  • FEWER LIMITATIONS. Without a drastic inbox limit, you don’t have to fret about attachments people mail you. But even if you do, Gmail is fairly reasonable. Gmail also allows you to send emails to 500 addresses at one time. This comes in handy for someone like me who might periodically send emails to teachers from an entire school system. Whenever I’m trying to receive or send a larger attachment, Gmail is NEVER the weakest link in the equation. It’s always PERSON X’s email.
  • IT’S GOOGLE, IT WILL BE HERE AWHILE. If you have your email at a random domain, or even at your job you may not be at in 2 years, you always have to worry about what happens IF you change jobs, or IF you stop using that website you get your email through. I see very rare situations where someone uses an email at a domain more stable than Google. If you do a lot of email, you need to do it somewhere that has a very long lifespan, especially if you need to search the archives from years ago.
  • FOR BLOGGERS: YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR COMMENTS. Because of the archive function (I know! It all goes back to that!), and because most blogging systems email you your comments, you will always have record of all of your comments. You may just want to search an email to see if someone has commented before, you may want to keep track of jerks, either way – it’s all there and you don’t have to think about it.
  • IT’S FREE. Not much else needed there.

Yes. You may have to go through a bit of a headache while you switch, but if you switch NOW, while it’s your CHOICE, then you don’t have to fret about losing contacts should you be forced to switch in 6 months when Comcast ticks you off, or when you change jobs. Seriously. Do it. For my sake AND yours. It may take some time getting used to it, but knowing you might not have to switch emails until Google collapses? Is a very secure feeling.

Also – did I mention the archives?


  • Amy

    Using the archive function, and the fact that gmail will list all of your emails from the one person in one neato little line (instead of 45 in a row from the same person), has been my selling point to get 3 out of 4 members of my family into gmail, for themselves AND their business/clubs uses. It has been a lifesaver for me, especially with work.

    • Han

      I agree! This is one my fave functions because you can then follow the thread – so good for organising guest blogging series and things like that because they are all there.

  • meekasmommy

    I love me some gmail. LOVE it! (Obviously, I agree with all your points above… also love that I can forward my work address to gmail, see those emails on gmail, and then reply AS IF FROM MY WORK ADDRESS. Indeed)

  • Sarah Lena

    Also, as a PSA – PLEASE GET A GMAIL THAT HAS AN ADULT MONIKER TO IT. Unless you are twelve years old, there is no need for you to have any email address from any provider that sounds like a line of Lisa Frank items.

    • Brenda

      this I do have to agree on. I’ve had my email addy for 11 years and now I kind of regret my name choice. I always have to spell it out for people. I hate to change it after all these years tho!

  • zeghsy

    I would love it if everyone I emailed would get gmail. Not just for archiving, but for the messaging service. Everything about google is easier. EVERYTHING! And if my co-worker complains about it one more time, swear I’m going to pop him one in the face and swear it wasn’t workplace violence.

  • Brenda

    While I do have a gmail account that I use for random things, I’ve had a hotmail account since I was pregnant with my daughter–who will be 11 next month. I agree about having an email account outside of work or your provider. I’ve never had to send out emails saying I’m changing then loosing people–though I do have a ton of old email addy’s from others. I rarely ever delete messages (other than junk mail filter) so I have all my old stuff there and like you go back and find stuff. So what I’m saying is I agree, I just have a different email account 😉

  • gladcow

    omg the search! I use gmail mostly for work, but it makes answering support questions so much easier. I can find ANYTHING. So much better than Outlook’s search capabilities.

  • shannon

    Another great feature about gmail is the 2 step verification. If you don’t already have it on, turn it on NOW! It makes your email unhackable as you have to have your phone handy everytime you want to log in from a new device (and once a month on things you use frequently). Searching your archives is a lot harder if someone hacks into you account and deletes the last 5 years of your email.

  • Becca

    Agreed! Furthermore – everyone I know on Hotmail has been hacked at some point and sent out all those “I bought real Louise Viton from China!” emails. Gmail lets you know immediately when someone fails to log in from another country.

  • Flyover_Belle

    One of my proudest moments of the last 2 years was when I *finally* got my parents to a) have separate emails, and b) use Gmail. They were using a combined ISP email address and…oy. It took them a while to get used to the conversations, and they still don’t quite get the concept of archiving or labeling (“So, if I put it in this folder…”), but it is a million times better. Of course, my dad still has (and uses) the webmail version of the ISP email address (*sigh*) but on the whole, it’s a vast improvement.