Two Things I Hate The Most: Heights and Embarrassing Moments Caught On Tape.

This picture makes me feel braver than I really am.

I don’t know how many of you have been watching the progress on the fundraiser I’m doing for the YMCA, but we are SO. VERY. CLOSE.

Online fundraising for Push a Rocket City Mom Over the Edge

We only have to raise $1500 and we are just a hair under $1000 at the time I’m writing this. We raised $700 the first day! But then I slacked off promoting it because – um – I’m terrified.

But…listen. The last I checked our Rocket City Mom efforts are one of the closest to making the goal. So now I feel the pressure. Of all the groups trying to send someone Over The Edge for our local YMCA, I seem to be third to the closest, so now the competitive part is kicking in…I HAVE TO WIN ALL OF THE AWARDS! There are two others closer…and while we’re all raising money for a good cause…I want to raise THE MOST MONEY IN ALL THE LAND.

So…I’m sucking it up. I’m swallowing the terror in my heart at the thought of going down this building and I’m asking you again – if you haven’t donated before – will you donate now? The minimum the interface will let you donate is $10. I know that’s a lot of money for something, especially if you’re not local. If you don’t have it to spare…I understand. But could you post it on your Facebook wall? Or send a link to your friends who might have it to spare? I can not even begin to tell you the ways that my family and my friend’s families take advantage of the YMCA in our community…everything from birthday parties to soccer teams. Swimming training to health fairs. We’ve been members for years and love everything they do to promote healthy lifestyles in our community.


I’ve decided to offer you another prize. If we reach our goal…I’m going to have E film me doing something totally embarrassing. I’m going to Dance Walk around town. Have you not heard what Dance Walking is? It’s GENIUS. And also terribly embarrassing for someone like me who would rather not be seen dancing in public. Here’s where it started…

(Let me tell you. E would REALLY like this to happen now. He thought me rappelling off a building would be cool. But me embarrassing myself all over the city for a video to post on YouTube? WAY BETTER.)

So…if we reach our $1500 by Friday…I’ll film my video this weekend. I’ll Dance Walk at Target, at Bridgestreet, at the Mall…maybe I’ll even go to the Space And Rocket Center! I’ll Dance Walk wherever you tell me to and E will put together the montage video of the finest parts of that journey to embarrass me with into eternity.

We raised $750 the first day I announced this. I’m confident we can get a hair over $500 more by Friday. Please help me face several of my fears for one good cause.

(Or don’t. You know. Because deep down there is a part of me that has no problem never rappelling off a building or Dance Walking around town. And that part of me is kinda hoping when I push “publish” on this blog entry that something will malfunction on my blog and this post will NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY.)

Online fundraising for Push a Rocket City Mom Over the Edge


    • Jennifer

      The femanine cphreograhoy is what always made me avoid certain songs. There really should be masculine/femanine moves based on the gender of the chosen dancer. I just can’t feel confident with my wife watching me dance to a girl song.

  • Karen

    O. M. G. The dance walking is too cool. I will come watch you; just tell me when and where (Bridge Street is only 10 minutes from me…) I might even lessen your embarrassment factor by joining you. You would look totally normal with me next to you.

  • Monica

    I love that video, too! I am going to dance walk, but only in my house. If I lived near Huntsville, I’d totally come and watch you do it, though. And maybe even join in. I’m off to donate!

  • Jessie

    I just donated too, partly because it’s a good cause, but also because that video made me smile a lot. I needed that this week. You’re awesome.

    • Brenda

      i would push it a bazilion times! Where were you when my kids were younger? You inspire and delight me! I can’t wait to meet you! Much love from the Y!

  • Megan

    I planned to donate anyway but HAD to donate once I realized I could be the donation that brought you to $1400! (I mean, it was only $20 but it felt momentous to me, obvz.) You’re so close, and you’re awesome for doing this. You inspire me!

  • Jen

    If the uber pregnant lady offers to dance walk with you (for just a small part of this video and only as part of a group) will that get us to $1500? I’m there.