To say “Thanks!” I’m allowing you to laugh at my expense…

I wasn’t asking for comments or compliments yesterday but holy CRAP, I think I needed them. Seriously. I didn’t realize how much but I really did. Thank you.

If we’re friends in real life and therefore on Facebook you’ve seen a couple of my, “I AM A BIG FAT IDIOT!” statuses lately so this entry will not make you laugh as much as everyone else. But to everyone else? HERE’S SOME STUFF TO MAKE YOU LAUGH at my expense as my way of saying THANKS!

Thing 1

IMG_9202First! I’ve not gotten much sleep this week due so this morning I was super-in-need of some coffee and was very-much looking forward to cup #2 when I walked into the kitchen and saw this. The funny part? I COULDN’T EVEN FIND MY COFFEE CUP. I had poured water in the machine, filled the re-usable k-cup, and then…put my coffee cup in the dishwasher before pressing “BREW!” It’s like one of those worksheets in elementary school where you are supposed to order the pictures in the order the tasks would be done. I put the CUP IN DISHWASHER picture before the CUP IN KEURIG picture and screwed the whole thing up.

Thing 2

IMG_9100 2I went to Nothing Bundt Cakes to order Bundtinis for my sister-in-law’s bridal shower and was being my usually socially awkward self – uncomfortable with the silence while the girl was ringing up my order – so I looked to my left and saw these things and said, “Ohhh, those look delicious!” Then I walked over and realized they were empty containers filled with tissue paper. The girl at the counter was kind enough to pretend she didn’t hear me exclaim my love for eating brown tissue paper, but the lady behind me was having a hard time stifling her laughter when she saw the moment I realized that there was actually nothing edible in those containers.

Thing 3

IMG_8845What could possibly make Wesley exclaim at yesterday at3:30am – after the 3rd time waking up leg cramps – that it was the Best. Night. Ever? Watching his Mom scream (“In a HILARIOUS way” according to him) bloody murder at this Superman Balloon creeping up our stairs at 1am (after the 2nd leg cramp wake up) and then me (and him) laughing hysterically at the entire situation, his favorite part was me declaring that Superman, “Just scared the SHIT out of me!”

For the record, my husband running out of the bedroom saying, “WHAT IS WRONG?!?!” after my scream did NOT think it was the Best. Night. Ever.

Thing 4


This was the email I received this morning telling me I got into the Flying Monkey Marathon I was really hoping to get to do. Isn’t this the best email ever? Laugh at my pain because I have a 50K THE DAY BEFORE this marathon. Welcome to 100K training everyone! It’s going to be fun.


  • Mike Jackson

    Wow, sounds like stuff I do and didn’t realize I had done it in the first place, and Ha how awkward it is to realize that simeone is trying graciously to look the other way wehen you realize that you would be trying to do the same if the shoe was in the other foot.
    Cingrats on Flying Monkey. I am so happy to now give my crazy run crown off to another more insane person. The pressure has been very intense for me as of late since I saw the crown was slipping away from me. Thank goodness I can talk about someone else and there insane craziness for running biking swimming. If you would like I will scowl the region and see if I can find an ow tri the day after Flying Monkey and your crazy crown will be epic!!! You know there is this thing in Hawaii called the Iron Man!!! You could probably squeeze that event in next year.????

      • June

        Yeah, I got talked into it too. It was my first full marathon and I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be until I started telling other runners that I was going to do it!

  • Lindsey

    I read yesterday’s post so early that I didn’t see the love fest happening there. I’m another daily reader, low commenter, but I do very much appreciate your well phrased posts on everything from boob sweat to social injustice. I feel it’s an important conversation to have on the interwebs, so keep it coming and I’ll keep reading.

    Side note: I have been watching The Fosters on Netflix since you mentioned it (in your crying post), and can I just say that I love it?!? Totally with you on the tears flowing, especially since I’ve been watching several episodes/night. So glad you recommended it.

  • Liz

    Leg cramp prevention that has worked for me: Having a pillow at the foot of the bed. I was pointing my toes in my sleep and this somehow stops that. Good luck! Love your blog!