To My Conservative Family and Friends: Don’t Stop Fighting

Man. I know where you’re at. Imagine how we felt in 2000? How close that election was and how contested and…COME ON! We won the popular vote!

That smarted a bit. I’ll be honest.

But that’s also when I started paying attention. My guy wasn’t in office so I couldn’t trust that my best interests were being looked after. I had to start paying attention, keeping an eye on policies and calling Senators and Congressman. I had to sign petitions and watch the news. I had to read editorials and listen to talk radio.

While I would love it for you all to stay in your homes, bitching to your families and fearing for future generations on social networks, that’s not what you need to do. What you need to do is KEEP FIGHTING.

My guy won. But do you know what I did Wednesday morning? I signed up to help Dump DOMA. Something I’ve been openly bitching about for a LONG TIME. Why did I do that? Because I don’t trust Obama to prioritize it and the Supreme Court will probably be listening to arguments about it in early 2013.

Even though my guy won? I’m not stopping the fight for what I believe in.


Now…I have no idea where you should start. I’m connected with MoveOn, HRC, and The Courage Campaign. I tried to Google who YOU should join for Conservative Action groups but I struggled. Nothing I stumbled upon rang any bells as “POPULAR” advocacy groups for conservatives. Other than the Family Research Council. Maybe start there? (Edited to Add: This was recommended by a few conservatives on Twitter, but it seems that they’ve been classified by a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. That seems like a bad starting point. Anyone know of any better Conservative groups?) If you know of others I can link to, please tell me. (Edited to add this suggestion: Citizens United has some conservative principles that may fall in line with what you believe in.)

But what you REALLY need to do is start with learning your Senator’s contact information. If you don’t like something being brought before the Senate for a vote, call your Senator and tell them! Or what about the House of Representatives? You need their information too!

Do not stop fighting. The majority of things that I liked in the last four years had crap I didn’t like attached to them. It’s never black and white. Or all liberal, all conservative. Most of the time conservatives fight for things that they want attached to a liberal bill. Or vice versa. Don’t just vote for Romney and then bitch for the next four years. Find out which government policies are being debated, what laws are being voted on, and educate yourself. Then, when you decide how you want that vote or policy to go, call the officials that have been elected to speak for you.

Yes. In a perfect Kim World, conservatives would stick to their Facebook status about the fate of our nation. But that’s not what I really want, deep down inside. I want you to fight for the change you thought Romney would bring you. You are still leading in the House! Obama can’t just start taking all of your money and giving it to abortion clinics and gay weddings, not without the approval of the House. Don’t just turn over now and let the President have his way with your country. If you don’t want Obama to pass some of his policies? Then posting your disgust on Facebook won’t do a damn thing. But calling your Representatives and telling them how you want them to vote, THAT WILL. Call your Senators. Contribute to action groups you believe in so they can use their big dollars and big groups to fight for you. I’ve given more money to the HRC than I did the Obama campaign. Find your group. DO THE SAME.

It got me through eight years in the minority. It made me feel like I was still in control, on some level. And it made me feel better, like I was still part of things, even if my guy didn’t win.

Good luck to you. I really do know your sadness. And I look forward to debating policy with you amicably. Because let’s be honest. Politics suck. If we don’t get involved, then humanity is lost in the discussion and it’s just a bunch of well-dressed public officials deciding what’s best for our country while we work our asses off to achieve our dreams in the world they create for us.

And if things you don’t agree with still get passed, know that you tried. You put forth the effort. You played your part and didn’t just roll over and let the liberals win. And know that sometimes that happens. To all of us. Again…DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE DOMA? And my guy did that! MY GUY!

Trust me, if anyone understands the disappointment legislature passing that you don’t support at all? It’s me.

Be Active. Be Dedicated. Be Respectful. But most of all? KEEP FIGHTING.

Because if we all care enough to stay educated and respectfully push our representatives to pass legislature we support? Then we are truly building a better world for our children. Because we’re teaching them the power of the people.

And there is no greater power than that.


  • Stephenie W

    This This THIS!!! Can I please have an application to be an officer in your fan club? Great post and well stated. Complacency is the real enemy here, not each other.

  • William

    This morning when my wife asked if I was dissapointed that my guy did not win. I said no. I said I felt more inclined to pester the crap out of my congress person and Senator to do the right thing and compromise. I like this post.

    • zoot

      I actually think that’s what I did. I wasn’t quite as active about phone calls/emails/petitions over the last four years as I was before. There’s something about losing the executive branch safety net that made me a bit more vocal!

  • stephanie

    This is why I love your blog (and you!). I actually wrote something similar from the liberal prospective after the 2004 election and just re-posted it on my blog this morning.

  • LaShawn

    Thank you for this. I was/am disappointed in the election, but I’m more upset with the apathy if this nation. Good stuff, Kim.

    • zoot

      LaShawn – I just see my angry friends and family and think, “You’re wasting that energy! Being angry doesn’t change anything.” I think if all of us were more vocal to our representatives then maybe big business and special interest groups wouldn’t carry all of the weight in D.C.

      I would love a world where we all – liberals and conservatives – call on every issue we can. 🙂

    • zoot

      Becca – I’ve had some sad days in politics locally and every time I hit the political “rock bottom” I find a new petition to sign somewhere 🙂 Or something to harass my congressman about. It’s amazing how much better it makes you feel!

  • Allison

    Bravo!! Well said my friend! I wish this blog post were required reading for everyone!! Standing ovation and fist in the air for you!!

  • melaniek

    Yes you are fabulous, but i am sad… not because my guy lost, but because I never had “a guy” to begin with.

  • Gina

    I totally get what you are trying to do, and I appreciate your concern for your conservative friends’ feelings. But I was surprised to see you mention the Family Research Council as a site for them to contact. They have been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    • zoot

      I know NOTHING about them! It was just the one I found recommended the most for a quick Google. That’s why I was looking for suggestions. Do you have better ones?

      • Gina

        No, I’m one of those who just points out problems without offering solutions 🙂

        Seriously, I just remembered that group from the whole Chick fil a discussion, I think they are one of the organizations to which CFA donated money.

        • zoot

          Once you said that I thought, “I wonder if that’s why they sounded so familiar?” 🙂 I did add that note to the entry and maybe somebody will give me a better suggestion!

  • charlene


    thank you for looking at both sides. I’m a hard leaner to the right but I look at all facets of the candidate. I can tell you this I refused to vote for Todd Akin. Yes, he is in my party but I could not digest what he had to offer but I could not digest the other side either. I went liberal (rogue). I know that probably did not help my party but sorry the man offended everything in me. I will continue to pester my senators and house representative to stretch themselves to reach out and listen. learn from others. Again, thank you.

    • zoot

      Charlene – I think there is power in going rogue! My husband went Green Party for the election yesterday 🙂

  • LisaK

    Kim – thank you, thank you! This is beyond brilliant. I have read your blog for many,many years and I just want you to know I respect you and I think you are a blessing!

  • Christina

    This morning on NPR a phrase caught and stuck with me. It is thing I want most from our elected officials, all of them, a cooperative government. Nothing will get done and one side will keep whining about the other and the bickering snarly childish Twitter/FB/Blog posts will keep going. How does that help, how does that create change, how on earth do we get better if we are fighting like snarky kids on the school playground. COOPERATIVE GOVERNMENT. Work together, be grown up, listen to one another, do what is best for all (the people), have the populace be involved rather then sitting back and saying ‘See HE is not doing his job’ when it is just as much our jobs to work at this as it is HIS job. Rant done! Great post, well said! Thank you.

  • Colleen

    Facebook and Twitter have been ugly places… and all I could think was “what a waste of time” and “your just making yourself look like such a jerk/sore loser/ass”. And no one was giving suggestions… just more argument. Bravo to you!

  • Christy

    We may disagree on certain political points, but this is something I agree with you wholeheartedly on. People need to GET INVOLVED! There is nothing productive about complaining without doing something proactive about it. I worked in government for about 7 years and I loved to see the citizens actually get involved in what we were doing. It was small scale, just city government, but the people I respected most in that city were the ones who showed up at council meetings and let their voices be heard in a productive way. Great post!