This Is Definitely The Cleanest I’ve Ever Been

This is going to be my featured blog image for awhile, in case you’re wondering.
Pre-Op prep is different now. Our hospital – an an effort to reduce spread of infection – is asking every pre-surgical patient to bathe the night before.

And by “bathe” I mean scrub down for FIVE MINUTES with this weird pink liquid (it is NOT soap). And then, if that’s not enough? I had to do it again this morning. TWO SHOWERS WITH ANTIBACTERIAL LIQUID IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS. For someone who never even uses shampoo, this is quite significant.

I may not be pregnant anymore – and am about to have the dead fetus scraped out of my body – but the good news? I am squeaky clean!

They gave me a cervical softener last night which did not make me as miserable as they can do. And they gave me percocets for pain afterwards. YAY for pain meds!

I didn’t reschedule anything I had going on tomorrow night or the rest of the week because I know that recovery time was nill (once I had a good nap after the procedcure) and that the meetings and whatnot would be a great distraction. I’ll be back at work on Thursday and still refusing to process my sadness for at least a few days. My goal is to keep my shit together until I can go out for a long run and then – when I’m on my own with the therapy I love most – I’ll process it all. I’ll scream, I’ll cry, and I’ll sprint like a mother trucker until I sweat the sadness out.

Until then…I’m just focusing on the mundane. Like the fact that the soap stuff they made me double-bathe with has made me TERRIBLY ITCHY. And I’m also starving to death and dying of thirst since I haven’t had food/drink since 10:30pm last night. OH – and even though I’m down to 2 cups of half-caf coffee a morning? I know that not getting that today will give me a raging caffeine headache.


Thanks for being there for me, guys. As usual – you all make me feel completely and totally blessed even if the world takes the periodic dump on my head.