This Entry Really IS About Shoes

I’ve been trying to become a runner since 2006, but it never really stuck until this time around. This time last year I started training for my first Cotton Row 10K, and I was alternating between a pair of Nikes an another pair of shoes, not sure yet which worked best. I decided the Nikes gave me blisters, but the others gave me black toenails. I could deal with the blisters better, so I stuck with the Nikes.

When I started my half-marathon training class last August, I figured I probably had 200+ miles on those shoes if you counted the entire year of boot camp and periodic running before. I knew that most people tell you to only put 300-350 miles on your shoes, so I started thinking about replacing them, not wanting them to crap out on me right before my half-marathon.

I started getting weird hip/knee issues about a month before the race and decided I had crossed the 300 mile mark and it was time to replace the shoes. The ones I was wearing were the Blue/Gray Nike Pegasus 27, which they didn’t make anymore. I opted to stick with the Pegasus and just get the newer model. Those were the Burgandy/Orange ones. Ever since then, I have kept track of my miles on my shoes and around the 330 mark, I can feel it in my knees/hips. I highly suggest you keep track of your miles on your shoes.

This week I’m breaking in another new pair. I didn’t do a great job separating my miles between my last pair of Pegasus 28 and my trail shoes. So, I know I have anywhere from 315 to 380 on the Burgandy/Pink pair. This week? I started wearing the Aqua/Pink pair.

Four pairs of shoes in a year. The first pair were already a year old, so it’s not like I’ve worn out that many shoes in a year, but still…four pairs of shoes in a year. I’ve already run almost 500 miles in 2012, almost 500 miles in FOUR MONTHS. It’s not wonder I’m going through shoes so fast.

Some people haven’t found that one pair of shoes they love. I have, so I stick with them. I love that they come in crazy colors, although I think I’ve bought them all now. The next pair will either have to be white (BORING) or I’ll have to special order some, which I might do to celebrate all of my running this year.

Everyone is different about their shoes, but I tell you, the 300+ miles thing? Has been on the spot for me. And I love my Pegasus. I still get blisters during hot runs (no blisters all winter, but they’re back now that it’s hot) but other than that? Nothing. The periodic mild shin splint, that’s it.

How about you? Do you keep track of the miles on your shoes? Do you switch brands/models?


  • stephanie

    Have you tried using Bodyglide on your feet during the hot runs? I’m not sure whether it would help with the blisters or not, but I’m guessing that if you only get them when it’s hot out, it might be because you sweat more and it’s the friction between the damp socks and your skin.

    I love bright running shoes! White ones are so boring… I think you should get a repeat color combo before you go with the white. I use dailymile to keep track of my miles, but I haven’t put in my miles for the last two months – I need to do that soon. (I keep track of them in a calendar, too.)

    • Zoot

      I have tried the glide, and a few other things. I think I’m just prone to them. I’ve learned to deal with them pretty well, they don’t bother me too much anymore!

  • Han

    I bought a new pair of shoes in the attempt that I’d be healthier – turns out they only work if you wear them and go out in them lol. Hopefully when things settle down we’ll start going for family walks more and then I can wear my trainers then 😀

  • Kristabella

    I’ve tried this year to become a runner and I’m getting there. Surprisingly to me, I’m actually enjoying it.

    Near the end of Couch to 5k, I noticed some pain in my knees. Someone suggested I get new shoes. And since I wasn’t even running in running shoes, I took their advice. I went to a local running store and got fitted. They watched me run and gave me an option of 3 different pairs. I got to try all three, even wearing one of one shoe and one of another, to see which pair I really liked best. It made a HUGE difference!

    I’m not keeping track of the miles, but know that at least every 6 months I’ll need a new pair. I’m so going to pay attention to how they feel.

  • Mommyattorney

    I am tracking my miles on my shoes now. I think that I’m getting near the end of the current pair I have – some Mizunos from Fleet Feet. I started tracking awhile after I got them, so by my best guess, they’re nearing 300 miles.

    I get a blister in the same spot of one foot in these shoes. I’ve tried body glide – no difference. I can deal with the blister. I don’t notice it while I’m running. I’ve always been prone to them, so I’ve just give up worrying about it. 🙂

    • Zoot

      I have given up caring about blisters! Sometimes they bother me, but most of the time they don’t. And I’ve tried all of the glides, chaffing creams, socks – I even ran in duct tape once 🙂 Sometimes I just get them, glad I’m not alone!

  • charlene

    Try the Moto or Vomero from Nike. I like the Moto. Also, if you have a Nike Factory Store check with them. They sometimes have them. good luck.

  • Maggie

    Hope this isn’t a double post, but I don’t see my earlier comment. I don’t track my miles, I just change shoes when some body part starts hurting. I currently have a thing for minimalist-type shoes and have 3 pairs with a 4th pair just ordered. Two are the same shoe just different sizes but all were good deals online – a must for me.

  • Liz

    FYI: I use Body Glide and blister socks when I run; especially long runs. Be careful if they change the shoe and you go to the nearest replacement. I had major calve issues when that happended to me and had to switch brands. When I got the new shoes, there was no more leg pain when I ran. I learned a lot from that. Great job! Love your blog!

  • Roberta

    I am an Asics-only girl. They almost killed me last year when they drastically changed the model of shoe that I’d been running in happily for 4 years. I have almost-flat feet and custom orthotics and once I found the shoe that worked perfectly with all that, I was never, ever going to change again. Until Asics messed with it. So I tried 5 other pairs of Asics, and thankfully found another model pretty quickly that worked great (and felt suspiciously like the old version of my old favorite model. Hmm.) I just wish they came in such awesome colors as the Nike Pegasus. It’s about 300-ish miles for my shoes, too. I can tell when they’re worn out because my right knee starts to hurt when I run. There’s nothing like a cushy new pair of running shoes to make you feel like you can fly and run forever!