The Weekend Of Woos

Does anyone remember this episode of Friends when Phoebe and Rachel go running?


I think about Phoebe a lot when I’m running because I tend to be the one who randomly goes, “WOOOOO!” Sometimes it’s because I’m excited, like we’re finally at Death Trail! Or Waterline! Sometimes it’s because I’m getting depressed because there’s SO MUCH MUD and I just need to pull myself out of it. Sometimes it’s because I trip and almost fall and I’m celebrating my save. Other times I trip and fall and am celebrating being injury-free in spite of the fall. Sometimes? I just see someone I know and I like to “WOOO!” when I see my friends.

So, seeing this picture that Gregg Gelmis took from Day 1 of the Stage Race? Brought me so much joy.

That’s me trying to be jumping and enthusiastic for the picture but, in reality, I’m basically doing a Phoebe.

I spent all three days Woo!-ing because I really did have so much fun. Even in the morning when we’re getting ready to start I tried to randomly “Woo!” to show my excitement for the day. Granted, the “Woo!”s got less spirited as the days ticked by, but I got a bit more delusional so they were still there, just with a hint of insanity added to them.

I also “Woo!”ed a lot the Indigo Girls show. I’m the one that, when there’s a good riff (and there were several, this is Amy Ray we’re talking about) I can’t help but scream, “WOOOOOOO!” to celebrate it. Also? They had this violinist who I guess has been recording with them – Lyris Hung and every time she was free to play I had to give her a solid “WOOOOO!” to celebrate.

The race and the concert combined really showcased what I’m now calling Woo Tourettes. I don’t always have control over it, but it’s always a “WOO!” and it’s always released when I’m feeling some sort of extreme excitement or relief. I’m guessing there were no less than 100 “Woo!”s distributed this weekend between three days of racing and one killer concert. If you ever do a race in the woods with me and hear a random “WOO!” – answer back. That’s my favorite! If I can see people on the trail ahead (like we did on Powerline on Sunday) then I’ll “Wooo!” as a greeting…and when they “WOOO!” back? It’s the best.