The Power Of A Declaration

Okay. Let’s just pretend I never wrote the entry that was there. It came off all wrong. I was trying to explain things in MY LIFE but it did sound preachy now that I look back on it – and nobody likes preachy. Especially me. Sorry about that. I saved it and will try to write it again later without sounding like a total ass. This is what happens when I write blog entries at 4am. I think, “Wow! This is a totally inspirational entry!” and then realize after a cup of coffee that it’s not at all inspirational. It’s stupid and judgey. OOPS! This is why I could never give up coffee! I’m an asshat without it!

Instead – how about a funny story! I fell down my stairs this morning! On to my head! Yet no scrape or scratch! I’m telling you…I’M THE MOST AWESOME KLUTZ IN THE WORLD. And THAT is a declaration I’ll stand by!


  • meekasmommy

    Maybe because I was reading it at 4AM (OK, a few minutes later than that…) it didn’t come off as preachy at all to me, and I was coming back over here to say “YES! EXACTLY!” in my comment, because I find myself doing similar things all the time – making my statements of why/why not I can/cannot do something become actuality, rather than the other way around!

  • Kimberlee

    I agree, I didn’t think it was preachy! I read your entry this morning and bookmarked it so I could come back and comment on it. I really enjoyed it and it did inspire me!

  • Allison

    Please don’t retract! It’s fantastic to see that you are feeling so proud of yourself. Your running posts have truly been inspiring. Seriously! You *should* be proud! And well, an empowered Kim is just fantastic. I hope the underbelly of the internet didn’t get you down too much. Keep it up, strong woman.

  • brit

    I was inspired b that post! I did not feel judged, you can not have all the in adequate feelings in the room, you have to share them! and sometimes when people read other folks I’m awseome! and proud of myself posts, they feel judged, that is about them, not you!.

    Your post rocked, It made me want to get outside and do something. It is inspirational to see your friends achieve goals after hard work, much more so to me than to watch supermodels, movies stars achieve their goals, maybe because I don’t watch them struggle maybe because I’m bitter that I don’t have a personal trainer and chef 🙂

    You rock!