The Luxury of Time

Taking the last two mornings off has been SUPER NICE. I mean, I always say that I wake up naturally around 4am, and I do. BUT – if I don’t have boot camp? I can let myself go back to sleep sometimes. I didn’t get up until 5:10am this morning and I thought, “MAN. THIS IS SO LUXURIOUS.”

5:10am is luxurious. This is my life.

I’ve had to be up at E’s school three nights this week so it’s been a little hectic. These last two mornings, having time to do stuff before waking the kids up? Has been nothing short of MIRACULOUS. I forgot how much I can get done between 5am and 6:30am. And this morning? I really need to make a Publix run. I’ve been out so many nights this week that I didn’t realize we were out of milk AND orange juice. So, in a few minutes I’m going to run down the road and get them. BECAUSE I HAVE THE LUXURY OF TIME.

This was my life pre-boot camp. And while the benefits of boot camp far outweigh the perks of time, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that these last two days, those extra hours? Have made all of the difference on this super-hectic week. I get to take more time with my coffee, I get to have some extra snuggle time with the kids, and I get to check out the interwebs for any Glee spoilers. (WHAT? I HAVE NEEDS, PEOPLE.)

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