The Chaos Has Begun

We knew some of the construction was starting yesterday on our upstairs, but I thought I had until Tuesday to be “paint ready.” Over the past few weeks I have moved a CRAP TON of stuff downstairs in a VERY orderly fashion. E’s room looks like a hoarder lives in there…but a VERY ORGANIZED hoarder. I’ve jokingly said that she needs to get a cleaning team in to help sort out through all the stuff she’s hoarder. But for now she’s happy as things are. I know that there are some people who genuinely struggling with hoarding though, if this is something that you can relate to then you might want to click here to learn more on getting someone to clean up after you. I also “hid” stuff on shelves in closets upstairs, stuff that needed to stay in that room for staging. I just moved it off the floor so carpets could be replaced. I still had some work to do last night to get it “paint ready” – move bedding off beds and move a few small furniture items out of the way. But you know how everyone complains about contractors never working on time? And how the LAST time we hired one he took 3+ months longer than he should? Well..this guy? Starts EARLIER. Painters started YESTERDAY.

And you know what else? When you hire people to paint rooms? THEY PAINT CLOSETS TOO! So all of that stuff I put on shelves? Had to be moved.

So I came home last night to a LOT more chaos that I was expecting. I thought there would be a new wall/door for the 5th bedroom, and then an old vent removed. BUT NOPE! Carpet was torn up in places and painting had started EVERYWHERE. They just covered the beds with plastic and piled stuff from the shelves on the beds.

Of course I felt TERRIBLE. I sent the contractor a text saying, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t know painting was starting today! I would have been more ready. And I didn’t know you would paint the closets.”

“You didn’t want us to paint closets?”

“No! That’s great! I kinda assumed no one painted closets because – who cares? But I see now, that’s dumb. This is why you’re the contractor and I’m just the idiot hiring you.”

IMG_1878So I spent last night moving everything else downstairs with no order whatsoever. AND! They ended up painting one room I didn’t think they’d paint. It’s fine! It’s great! But I hadn’t prepped that room at all. So the stuff from that room I just haphazardly through in various places.

In other words, my orderly process is now a boat full of chaos. So it’s now a chaos boat in an ocean of chaos.

BUT THAT’S OKAY. Because it’s all starting which means it will be over soon and on to attempt #2 at selling the house. Now with hopefully more showings and less stress.

I’m so glad I have to work this week and I can just forget this is all happening every day. I just come home and be all, “Nice work!” But I don’t have to hear it or see it or anything else. And we’re going to be gone for the carpet chaos because I’m running 62 miles this weekend which should be SUPER relaxing.

Holidays, renovations and 100K training all rolled into one chaotic month. I am nothing if not skilled at challenging my own tolerance for stress.


  • Karen

    You are handling this so well. I would be curled up in the fetal position somewhere. Just thinking about trying to have this house show-ready at some point in the future has me wanting to run. (BTW, when the time comes, you’ll probably be the one taking pictures and making the cool floorpan thing for this house… I think I want to ask Ainsley to help me sell this one and buy the next.)