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Am I a bad mother for not caring a lot that my son saw Janet Jackson’s breast during the Super Bowl halftime show? I mean, I flinched for a second fearing full nudity (yeah – I know – thats not going to happen) and braced to cover my sons eyes, but it was just a boob.

Okay – so I know I sound like MY parents when I say that my son’s generation is growing up faster than I had too. He will (has been) introduced to sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll much sooner than I was. So – why would I want to shelter him more than I was?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not getting him a subscription to playboy for his birthday (he’s in 3rd grade), but I also didn’t dodge all the questions that arose from the Brittany/Madonna/Christina kisses. Which – by the way – he saw on the cover of the NEWSPAPER, NOT on MTV. I answered them the best I could. I didn’t fire off letters to MTV, or write editorials. I just said “No honey, they aren’t Lesbians, they are just performing, and that is part of their performance.” I don’t want my son to embrace his sexuality at age 9, but I don’t want to suppress it either.

So, am I right? Am I wrong? Whose to say. But I am pretty sure he’s NOT going to grow up to be a sexual deviant or a pervert simply because he saw Janet Jackson’s boob when he was 9. Now — Donnie on the other hand, may NEVER be the same….