That Time When I Was Happy To See Monday.


My patience has been pushed to the limits this weekend. I went from a proud high on Saturday morning after a pretty decent long run (TWELVE MILES) to a stressed out low due to a number of things too boring to discuss on my blog. Basically I have a list of things to do today that include:

1) Call pest control
2) Taking a kid to the doctor
3) Making an appointment with the vet
4) Double-checking some stuff associated with my volunteer gigs as it seems I made some mistakes this weekend I don’t want to happen again
5) Try to think of a way to thank my friend for letting us do laundry at her house AGAIN yesterday (this is the THIRD washer/dryer malfunction we’ve had in just a couple months)
6) Figure out how to make up time lost at work this week for all of the above appointments. Especially with a BUILD week for my training which means I’m running over 30 miles total again.
7) Meal Plan since I’ll be gone many nights either working or running.
8) Research solution #73 for dealing with blisters.
9) Get Prescription for Anxiety Meds and begin abusing it.

All of these things are directly related to the chaos that unfolded in our lives this weekend. Things I couldn’t really do anything about because it was the weekend. So, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I think I’m joyful it’s finally Monday. I can finally try to deal with several of the challenges we’re facing. Nothing fun or exciting that would make good blog entries, just a bunch of stressful boring stuff that makes me stressed and anxious.

So, can we guess what Kim did last night?

If you said, “BINGED!” you’re right! Because that’s what Kim does, she undoes a week’s worth of hard work with 17 bowls of raisin bran! (HA! I typed “raising brain” first which gave me the first laugh of the day. I needed that. THANK YOU STUPID FINGERS!) I’m trying to just get into Monday without thinking about falling off the wagon last night.

I’m hoping that by the end of the day I’ve at least got game plans in place to deal with the malfunctions in our lives, which will alleviate a lot of the anxiety. So, hopefully I’ll go back to the drinking my tea tonight instead of 9 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and tomorrow I’ll wake up to a better day.

Until then…let’s start writing our next Vegetarian Zombie Flick: RAISIN BRAINS!


  • Klynn

    I’m assuming you’re talking about running blisters. Believe it or not, socks will help. Google Wright-socks. They are super thin, but two layers. The socks slide within each other so your feet don’t get the friction. Had to delurk to share this, now I’ll slink back to lurking and watching your beautiful family from afar.

    • zoot

      Well…I’ve not tried that specific brand, but I’ve worked my way through FOUR different brands that someone told me they SWEAR BY. Ha! I’ll put your brand on the list to try though, because I’m open to anything! (I’ve also tried sticks and rubs different shoes – the best solution so far? DUCT TAPE. Can you believe it? But I’d rather not have to duct tape my feet all the time :))

  • Monica

    I’m sorry you had a stressful weekend. Remember that all your blog entries don’t have to be exciting. They can be about just needing to let off that stress…like a big anti-anxiety pill!

    And I think Raisin Brains could be the next big YA dystopian book. Or maybe Raising Brains.

  • Stacey

    Well…on the upside of binging (if there is one) at least it was Raisin Bran. You will be um, regular for a while I bet. It could have been 17 bowls of ice cream, nachos, tacos, pizza, and all that really really bad stuff.

    If it helps ya at all because of all your wonderful posts about the running, if I can psych myself up, will be starting couch potato to 5k today.

  • Jessica

    We’ve been doing laundry at my mom’s which isn’t too bad but still annoying! I’d say buy a basket and fill it with laundry supplies, as I never like buying them for myself!

  • Jana Frerichs

    Well… on the upside of things, after 17 bowls of raisin bran you should be pretty regular this week! (Sorry! Had to go there…) Hope your monday went much better than the weekend! πŸ™‚

  • Heather

    Well at least your binge was high in fibre? πŸ˜› You can do it Kim – you’ve done so, so well, and I know you will keep rocking it πŸ™‚ Everybody stumbles but you’re making one heck of a good run nonetheless!

  • Liz

    I agree with the Wright Socks. Also, use Body Glide with them. Although, even with all the precautions, you may still get blisters when your mileage gets over a certain distance.

    Running 12 miles probably helped push you over into the binge.

    Awesome job dealing with all the stress!