Why ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Made Me Have A Rage Blackout

SPOILER ALERT! Do not proceed unless you have seen last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother called “Symphony of Illumination”.

Everyone is clamoring to jump to the praise of last night’s ‘How I Met Your Mother’ thanks to it’s emotional hook and tender care. But you know what I say? BOLLOCKS.

First – let me tell you why I didn’t like it from the perspective of a general fan of television. I absolutely HATE when a show leads you into one GREAT BIG PLOT TWIST that you weren’t expecting and then – after you’ve spent hours/days trying to figure out the ramifications of that twist – they “undo” it. I spent all week saying, “ROBIN’S PREGNANT!” And then, nope. She’s not.

THEN, they made the kids she talked to the entire episode imaginary. To me? This is just another cheap ploy to generate water cooler chatter. HATE. Last week they had us talking about Robin being pregnant. Then I spent the whole episode thinking that she and Barney eventually end up with kids together. AND THEN THEY TOOK THAT AWAY TOO. The Vampire Diaries knows how to give me a twist, see it through, and not piss me off. WHY CAN’T HIMYM FOLLOW SUIT?

Now…On to Why I Hated This Episode Because Of My Own Reproductive History And The Emotional Baggage It Burdens Me With.

When you have difficulty having children like I had for years, you always wish you could just get a glimpse of the future. Just someone who assures you, Everything will be okay. Especially if that glimpse of the future shows you having kids! YAY!

HIMYM was giving us that last night with Robin talking to her children. I watched the news of her being unable to have kids, and the struggle she had with coping with that news, and I wasn’t too sad because I knew she’d have kids eventually. Somehow. She had too! She’s talking to them!

AND THEN THEY TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME. Bastards. I was not sad. I WAS PISSED THE HELL OFF. Don’t give a woman who suffered miscarriages for years that kind of hope and then YANK IT AWAY. BASTARDS.

So…I hated the episode. From a general TV-lover point of view, and from a reproductively challenged point of view. Just wanted to put it out there because everyone else in the world loved it and because it upset me so much (YES. I know. EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE.) I had to document my displeasure. Because – you know – that’s what’s really important.