On Martin, Zimmerman, and Monteith (I have too many words for Facebook or Twitter.)

I normally comment on current events on Facebook or Twitter…but I have too many words for two stories making headlines today. So I’m commenting here:

I believe the average person “celebrating” the acquittal is forgetting something terribly vital: A 17yo died after buying Skittles. So, even if the acquittal followed the letter of the law – which I truly believe it did due to the prosecution failing to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt – you still have to be sad that a child is dead and no one is held responsible. That happens often – there are accidents and unsolved crimes – and it’s always heartbreaking. Family, friends, community…they all need someone or something to blame after a tragedy and now Trayvon’s murder is just a sad statistic that no one will be punished for. This is exactly how I felt:

The whole thing is just sad and anyone celebrating – even though I believe the acquittal was legally the proper outcome – just breaks my heart. How can anything about the death of a child not be coated in at least a tiny bit of sadness. Yes…if he had been found guilty after the prosecution failed to do their job…even I would have been disappointed. But I’m not celebrating over here. Because a child is still dead.


And then another thing. I am truly sick about Cory Monteith’s death. I am a huge fan of Glee and I love him dearly. I love his relationship with Lea Michelle as they seemed like a truly sincere couple. I love his openness about his struggle with addiction and about his attempts at rehab. I love how much that cast vocally supported him through all of that. And now he’s dead. One of my twitter friends (with a protected account so I won’t link to her) said it best: The words that make me the most sad in celebrity passings are these: “(S)He died alone.”

I never scoff when people are truly sad about the death of someone they don’t know. It seems silly to some people but I have always understood it. My heart doesn’t always break with celebrity deaths, besides Cory it’s probably Heath Ledger’s that broke my heart last. These are people who’s faces in their TV/Movies play a huge part in my experience of life. My kids and I watch Glee together…Knight’s Tale is on my top-10 list of favorite movies…these things cement the faces of these celebrities in your life-experience so when they die…those memories turn sad.

And I’m sad for all of the teens on Tumblr right now who idolized Cory and posted gorgeous art and wrote fan fiction about him. I see that stuff a lot on my dashboard and it always makes me smile. But now I think of all of those artists and their broken teenage hearts and I’m sad. I saw this one line on my dashboard and it broke my heart:

“Go tell your idol you love them…because i don’t have mine anymore”


Thank you for being patient and allowing me to prattle on. I tried to do this on Facebook and Twitter this morning and just realized I couldn’t condense it enough.